Coyote swap to a 05 GT

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  1. Hrannar

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    Need advice on Coyote swap to a 05 GT

    Hi guys i would like to ask you a few questions

    I'm getting ready to do a Coyote swap on an 05 GT.
    I have a Coyote drivetrain out of an 14 GT

    I am swapping almost everything from the 14 car, all wiring, Ecu, dashboard, interior, etc. but as i live in Iceland its expensive to ship parts to me
    so the question is, could i use the pumps from the 14 GT and place it in the 05 gas tank to make it work ?
    if so should i need anything else from the 14 tank ?
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  2. Kidd

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    any updates?
  3. CameronPage

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    It won't work. The pumps are bigger. Just use the 14 tank because it's exactly the same as the 05 except its plastics and the holes are bigger for the pumps.