Coyote with a carb and a turbo...why? Why not.

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    It's an UCA relocation mount from Baseline Suspensions. It raises the rear upper control arm mount to adjust instant center and anti-squat. Also has track locator built in which Centers the rear housing. Fox body fords and Gbody GM cars have triangulated 4-link suspension. Once we replace all the bushings with spherical rod ends there is nothing to stop the housing from moving side to side during launch or cornering. You see the foxbody twist or Gbody shuffle .... It's poor control of the suspension. My car also has an ARB but it's not necessary with a good locating device unless really going after it hard...I plan on that.

    S197 cars have an panhard bar or sometimes called a track bar in circle track. That is what controls the housing sway in those cars.
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    Cool build !

    Love the pics and different approaches to achieve the end result.

    I plan to buy a Mod6 ignition setup to fire the plugs on my 3valve when I go to a SDS fuel injection setup
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    Works good but unfortunately MSD decided not to give the MOD6 individual cylinder timing...other than that it's fine.
    Love the red S197 .... Reminds me of somebody that had one bad ass N/A 3V back in the day.....:whistle1:
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    Finally got to test this thing out today.
    Losing boost at 800-900ft. and pretty soft on timing. My BOV is opening and dumping all boost. Still got a number of decent shakedown passes. Even blew off the discharge tube on my carb hat the last run. Gonna run good when that stupid crap is ironed out.
    Best ET 1/4mile 9.49 (shutdown at 900ft.)
    Best ET. 1/8 mile 6.06
    Best MPH 142 (shutdown at 1,000ft?)
    Best 60' 1.39 (launching at 4600rpm 7psi 1.48 low gear TH400 two-speed)

    Just a bone stock junkyard truck coyote with no VCT and a carburetor...and boost of course.
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    You really need to make an intake that accepts a 671 blower... :)
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    Not that hard if someone already makes one for a navi 5.4 hmmmm....or just adapt one to a roush/whipple lower.
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    So far making 800-1,000 ft passes it's run 9.34 at a slowing 142mph (1/8 mile was 5.99 @ 121) ....not too bad for something that wasn't supposed to even start or run.
    I'm having some over boosting issues so I bought two 50mm wastegates and in the process of reworking my hot side to accept those. I'm pretty sure once I cure that issue and can run flat out the full run it'll run well into the 8sec range at probably 155mph+
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    nice! keep it going.
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    Where are you in MD. I'm in Severn, currently in Dubai for all of 2018. I can't wait to see this thing when I get home. Considering swapping out the built 3v at some point to go with an already running 6r80 in the car.
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    I'm near Frederick and normally race at Mason Dixon, MIR or Capitol but now that I'm re-licensed by NHRA and can go anywhere and run it flat out.
    Update: ran 5.95 @ 120 1/8 mile 9.24 @ 148 1/4 mile in the heat with very little track prep.
    Slowly upping the timing and checking plugs. That run was launching on 10psi ramping up to 12psi but low timing and really rich.
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    That sucks!
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    Yep. My fault trophy cars tracked water up further than normal and I just wasn't focused. Had my rev limiter set up to save the oil pump gears...they survived for what that's worth. Sad part is this was a really low mileage engine but it was just stock I'm not out a ton of cash. Looking for a good core now. Next one will have better rods.