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    Regarding boost controllers... it seems a lot has changed since I bought an eBoost2 years ago bump my 5.4L 3v from 14psi from the WG springs alone to the 21psi it took to make 1000+ rwhp (which honestly was just a goal for me, not something I planned to drive around on or race with).

    Fast-forward to today and my 2019 GT with Hellion twins is finally (mostly) streetable with DRs on 17" Welds and 305mm MTs, in addition to the assorted BMR rear suspension mods I did (toe rods, vertical links, cradle bushing lockout, and bearing kit) to help with wheel hop. Still, that only solved the issues at 6psi or so. I had originally planned on making 9-11ish PSI. Hellion has told me repeatedly that the 5 and 7lb springs that came with my twin sleeper kit actually make 7 and 9psi, respectfully. Even after relocating the control lines from each wastegate to after the intercooler (vs directly from the cold side fitting), I'm still only making 6ish PSI. I've decided that instead of trying to get the springs to make the boost I want (shooting for 11psi), I'm going to get a EBC to hopefully ramp the boost up in a controlled manner and retain some of the driveability I have now. That's where I'm stuck, though. There are literally 3x the options compared to 10 years ago. I can't seem to decide.

    As I mentioned, I don't want to change springs and suddenly have traction issues all over again. From past research, the AMS-1000 was the cream of the crop, but that really seems overkill. There are more than a few boost controllers that might work well for me, so I figured I'd ping y'all.

    Ideally, it sounds like the gear based boost (and RPM per gear) seems like the mecca of control/driveability. I'm not sure any of the other options would be enough to make me happy, but I'm willing to hear opinions. I am worried about trying to save a few bucks up front, only to regret not having gone with that "mecca" later.

    Keeping that in mind, I looked at a shit-ton of EBCs today. It seems like only a few do gear and RPM based stages. From what I've read, it looks like the Cortex EBC can (but it's quite out-of-stock), as well as the AMS-1000. The Boost Leash and GFB G-Force III seem like good backup plans, but can't do the gear/RPM option (though may have close alternative strategies that may be close enough).

    That being said, the Leash is ugly AF, but maybe I could paint it blackand it wouldn't look so shitty. The GFB is better looking (which shouldn't be important, but still is), and is a LOT cheaper. Both have mount options (by Fathouse) that make for a clean installed. The AMS-1000 simply seems like overkill for a street car, but would definitely work. My only concern there is price, as well as (what seems like) zero options for in-cab adjustments.

    I like the way the GFB G-Force III looks, but am not sure which strategy is pick in lieu of not having a gear/RPM based one. I guess the same goes for the Boost Leash, so I'd be interested in a good pros/cons list for those two.

    As for the Cortex, it seems like a really good unit, and probably the one I would get today... if it was in stock. From what I've read, the boost-by-gear option is truly BBG and automatic, but requires tapping into harness wires that make it more of a PITA install. I also can't find anything that says this even works on a Mustang (vs the variety of ricer applications that litter the internet).

    The GFB seems like a nice little unit, but doesn't seem to have any true ramp outside of "rise rate", which is nowhere near a true ramp.

    I don't know much about the AMS-1000 (or the newer 2000), outside if they seem to be capable of most anything, but are harder to install and configure (and are also more expensive).

    Other than that, I'm lost. I don't know which one to get, and I'm only hoping someone here has been through all this tedious decision-making stuff and can help me answer the questions above, as well as all the issues/choices I haven't considered or don't know about, too.

    Thanks in advance!
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