CX racing turbo kit for 3v

Discussion in 'DIY Tech Guides' started by miltonmegilliii, May 22, 2021.

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  1. miltonmegilliii

    miltonmegilliii Learning the ways.

    personally with my set up I have been fighting over heating still. only when idling in traffic for a long time or running the ac on a hot day.
    Issue could be a combination of things. lack of hood vents, ac condenser blocking air flow, sticky thermostat, under-drive pulley limiting water flow. I'm going to have to try and look into this more to see if any of this is the issue or if its simply these fans don't pull enough air.
  2. Dino Dino Bambino

    Dino Dino Bambino I have a red car

    Probably your fans not pulling in enough air. I have a completely stock cooling system, original two-speed fan, original water pump, a fully functioning AC, plus underdrive pulleys, and I don't have any of the problems you've described. The stock fan pulls in over 3200cfm of air so that's the reference you need for an aftermarket fan set up.
    If you're going to install hood vents and make them effective, I suggest you place them in the same position as they are on the '13 GT500 i.e. just aft of the fan. Since this is a negative pressure area for airflow over the hood, they'll pull out all of the hot air that the fan blows into the engine bay.
  3. miltonmegilliii

    miltonmegilliii Learning the ways.

    my thoughts too on the vents. what turbo set up are you running though. Ill have to see if i can find numbers to these cx racing fans.
  4. VistaBlueS197

    VistaBlueS197 forum member

    I reached out to CX racing, they stated that each fan flows 1600cfm.
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  5. miltonmegilliii

    miltonmegilliii Learning the ways.

    midway through season two with this kit and its holding up just fine. I have had the hot pipes off to get ceramic coated and that's about the only real change Ive made to the kit.
    still fighting a bit of smoking (burning oil) not sure if the turbo seals have gone bad or if its just poor placement of the oil drain and line. changing to a thicker oil definitely helped a lot.
    Ive also been overheating more lately. at first it was just with the ac running on a really hot day now its happened three times in traffic without ac. come to find out one of my two fans took a crap. guess ill have to get on that soon.
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