Dash Light Change (without MyColor)

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    I was curious as to whether or not it would be possible to change the color of the lights on the S197 stock dashboard? I have found that the white color used when the headlights are off is far more easy to read at night then the stock green (with the headlights on). Does anyone here know how to go around the change in color or if a bulb replacement is possible?
  2. Hawgman

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    Guess it all depends on how confident you are in your component level soldering skills. You would nee dot identify the value of the LEDs and replace with a like value in a different color.
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    I asked a similar question recently:


    It seems the OEM mcd is really low. Much lower than you would expect really; less than 300 at full illumination. That said, I've still not moved forward on my own LED adventure because I'm trying to color match the Ford color blue that came with the 2011-14. I just did a steering wheel swap and the color is really pleasant on the eyes - and lighter than I would have otherwise expected.

    After re-reading, I think what you're asking for is this...The cluster is no different.

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    I took every green led in my car and hand soldered them to 403nm ultraviolet

    For my gauges I used RGB led strip to mimic "mycolor"


    Here you go: