deluxe daytime gauge cluster backlighting issue

Discussion in '2005+ Mustang GT 4.6L Tech' started by Woodtrucker, Nov 8, 2019.

  1. Woodtrucker

    Woodtrucker Junior Member

    During the day, I've been having an issue seeing any backlighting on the gauge cluster at all.
    With lights on, the dimmer switch and lighting works as it should

    With lights on or off, the dome light will turn on and off when I roll past the click.

    I'm at a loss.
    I would think even on a deluxe model (without mycolor) that during the day, the dash lights should be illuminated and actually be brighter than they are at nite.

    During the day I can switch the lights on and see the lights come on the dash faintly. It's fine at nite. But then if I switch headlights back off, the dash lights just go out.
  2. Macman45

    Macman45 Resident Geriatric

    The "white" daytime backlighting is actually its own lighting, the nighttime "backlighting is just that, additional lighting behind the gauges to illuminate. Sounds like your white gauge backlighting is shot, separate from any nighttime lighting. Options are go inside and see if you can replace the lights, or replace the entire gauge cluster.
  3. Woodtrucker

    Woodtrucker Junior Member

    That makes good sense I’m pretty good at soldering so I think I’ll yank it out and solder some new leds in
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