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Discussion in 'Keeping it Clean' started by DKS, Aug 11, 2010.

  1. 2012 2.9

    2012 2.9 forum member

    I was thinking since it was a new vehicle by hand would be good enough I don't mind putting in the time thank you

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  2. 28ONE

    28ONE Senior Member

    Try Goo Gone

    Might I suggest a coating (OptiCoat, CQuartz, Gtechniq)

    CG blacklight for a sealant then CG Black for a wax. Both can be applied by hand, easy on/off. Of course I'll warn you now, once bitten by the detailing bug, game over.

    I agree with Bullitt3309, we all have our opinions and personally its a hobby for me. Being its a new ride with dark color, I would suggest BlackFire products if its depth you after, again just my 2 cents :thumb2:
  3. 00blkvert

    00blkvert forum member


    My local oriellys has stuff called Klean strip aircraft
    Adhesive remover or look for 3m adhesive remover and that will get rid of the tint crap. From there you will at a minimum have to compound the windows to get the scratches out. If that doesn't work Carpro has window correction pads that's will you will need to fix the scratches.
  4. Kenaizer

    Kenaizer forum member

    I just sprayed an aerosol window cleaner on mine, let it set for a minute or so, and screamed it off with a razor blade.
  5. BEAST


    Would you please describe this process. How loud do you yell at it? Do you say mean shit to it or what? Do you cut it while screaming at it? So confused but interested in the process.....

    :jackass: :)

    Brought to you by tapatalk; 70k fuck yeah.
  6. Kenaizer

    Kenaizer forum member


  7. 07BLACKStang

    07BLACKStang forum member

    WD40 takes off sticky residue.
  8. IFlyEm

    IFlyEm Junior Member

    What would be recommended for UV protection? My car needs to sit in a parking lot for up to a week at a time. I live in the Las Vegas area so the sun and heat is extreme.

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  9. Ron Smith

    Ron Smith Junior Member

    I am wondering if the original poster has found new products that they recommend, have the original products been replaced by new products, or what their opinion is on ceramic coating and if it's worth the investment. Great write up though.
  10. BoatsHateMe

    BoatsHateMe Junior Member

    I picked up my 08 SGT, Vista Blue, last winter, it sat in the garage until spring. This car had been ceramic’d just before I got it, probably last fall. It looked / looks amazing.

    Other than washing, should I be treating this with anything, should I wax over that or just keep it clean? I have some ceramic spray (not sure which exactly without looking) and I’m wondering if I should be keeping it tuned up with that or?

  11. Mailman

    Mailman Junior Member

    Hey, Boats. Your ride is sweet and I'm not a blue guy. Ceramic coating isn't a Get Out of Jail Free card. It will get dirty! Regular washing is key, but I'm seriously anti-drive-thru-car-wash. However, whether you use a drive-thru, hand spray, or (what I always do) hand wash at home, there's a bunch of products out there that will keep your baby shiny & nice. At the moment my favorite is Meguiar's Hybrid Ceramic Detailer. Using two micro fiber towels (one-wax on, the other wax off.....remember??) follow the directions. Products like this can also also be used, very easily & effectively, as a 'drying agent'. This stuff is my hobby. Got more questions.........hey, it's clean car season!
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