DOB water pump relay

Discussion in 'Department Of Boost' started by 05sonicblue, Nov 28, 2016.

  1. 05sonicblue

    05sonicblue forum member

    Hey Jason, how many pins and guage of wire on that relay?
  2. Department Of Boost

    Department Of Boost Alpha Geek

    There are 5 pins but you only use four. I used to run them with 10-12ga wire but after I did all the water pump testing I found out how little amperage the pumps really use. It's about 3A. So I started using 16ga. Hell, 18ga would even be fine.
  3. 05sonicblue

    05sonicblue forum member

    Excellent! I'm putting mine together! Just need Iw 10% od 8 rib and a few other things. I'm going to have more questions.
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