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    Our Powerstorm line of billet steel oil pump gears are here to bring additional safety to your late model Ford build! The oil pumps on the Ford 4.6/5.4L 2v, 3v and 4v modular, Coyote and 3.5L EcoBoost engines are mounted on the front of the block and driven directly by the crankshaft. This design is OK, but is far from ideal and it does subject the oil pump to all of the harmful harmonics that the crankshaft develops.

    The stock oil pump systems also use a range of weak powdered metal gears in them that have an extremely high tendency to fracture and lead to failure when subjected to these abrasive harmonics. Broken oil pump gears will cause a loss in oil pressure, and when oil pressure is lost severe engine damage is eminent.


    We have seen several cases of Ford builds of all kinds and varying levels of power that have suffered from oil pump failures. Based on this data, we strongly recommended these Powerstorm billet oil pump gears be installed before any significant modifications are added to your car.


    However, we do not recommend putting new gears in a worn pump. So if you are modifying, rebuilding or repairing a 3.5L, 4.6L, 5.0L, 5.4L or a 6.2L Ford engine we highly recommend you replace the entire oil pump assembly too. If you want a completely new pump that comes to you with Powerstorm billet oil pump gears already installed just call us today, or visit our site. If you have any other questions feel free to call us at 313-561-5500 or click