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Discussion in 'Mustang Chit Chat' started by Danny Paladino, Dec 7, 2022.

  1. saleen836

    saleen836 forum member

    Looking to purchase the MGW shifter for my 06 Saleen, OP did you have any interference problems with the shifter kit and 1-piece prop? is your car lowered? as MGW when I spoke with then recently informed me the max diameter for driveshaft is 3.5" to avoid interference but if the car is lowered this might cause a problem
  2. Danny Paladino

    Danny Paladino Junior Member

    Both fit fine together with plenty of clearance - I am just lowered 1/2" in the rear - The shifter works great, but I was actually fine with the stock shifter - I have probably put 500 miles or so on it - if you're interested in a lightly used one at a good price let me know
  3. Danny Paladino

    Danny Paladino Junior Member

    Finally removed the MGW and put it on ebay.....I will say, I don't think it's humanly possible to miss 3rd with it.....push it out of second, and it seems to naturally find 3rd at any rpm....the same with every other gear for that matter....I really only changed from stock as I wanted the flat stick look and the knob to be positioned higher....I never really had a problem finding the gears with the stock unit - I've been driving the car more and the "notchiness", if that's a word, was starting to annoy me.
  4. Jwood562

    Jwood562 Member

    I see your listing on ebay. I'm interested in purchasing here.
  5. moooosestang

    moooosestang Member

    It's been so long since i installed my shifter i can't remember if i have the mgw or the barton, lol! had the hurst first and was still missing shifts.
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