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    Livernois Motorsports has the largest selection of tuners for late model Ford, GM, and Chrysler! Our MyCalibrator line of tuners is combined with our world record numbers and renowned tuning experience to bring the optimal performance to your vehicle! Most of our tuners allow 1-4 tunes per device, that's 1 stock and then up to 4 extra of your choice! The amount of tunes will vary depending on your vehicle make/model. We can tune any vehicle with our 91 or 93 octane tunes!

    Tunes include* (Depending on Application):
    Fuel Mapping
    Boost Mapping
    Air/Fuel Management
    Rev, Top Speed Limiters
    Shifting Characteristics
    Towing Capabilities
    Torque Management
    Tire Size Alterations (Where Available)
    Axle Ratio Alterations (Where Available)

    87, 89, 91, 93 Octane Tunes

    e85, e30* (Depending on Applications)
    Applications may vary

    100 Octane/Race Tunes* (Depending on Applications)
    Applications may vary

    All of our tunes are fully customizable to your requests. You can change:
    Hard/soft shifting
    Early/Late shifts
    More/less throttle response
    Fuel Economy Tunes Available

    All tunes are under constant updating when new vehicles arrive or we update an existing tune for better performance! Installation videos are available to help make the install process easier.

    EcoBoost Tuner Loading Instructions - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=byLMw-rYmnA

    EcoBoost Tuner Strategy Code and SW ID Retrieval Instructions - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dFGyWHxpcno

    Order yours TODAY!
    (313) 561-5500
    [email protected]