Electric cutout before H pipe and performance.

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    Hello there. I'm running stock headers with no catalytic converters with Borla Pro XS mufflers. I'm thinking to go with electric cutouts before the H pipe but will it hinder performance? Is it going to break/hurt anything? Sorry I'm just learning with the car stuff, so please excuse me. Thank you so much for your replies!
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    From my understanding, electric cutouts do not hinder performance. IIRC they function similar to that of the active exhaust systems available from the factory for current S550 models :shrug:
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    Will have no effect other than noise when open.
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    YEP... There is no drawback to adding cut outs in fact besides making the car as louder as possible, it could result in an increase in horsepower because it will free up the exhaust back pressure if there is any. I would recommend you consider running an oval set up because it would give you perfect ground clearance. Lots of folks are confused by installing oval on to round tube but its easy.


    Here is a video of how a typical install would go

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