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    Hello all... I need a recommendation please. Recently picked up a set of 295/40-18 Falken 615+ for autocross. It's been a while since I've run a decent sticky tire. I'm looking for air pressure recommendations. In the past, I've generally run in the 36# range, but that was on a stock all season. I'm not sure where to start on these. Would appreciate some feedback please.

    As for the car, '08 bullitt on lowering springs and updated suspension parts. I was going to start at 32 and then watch the roll on the tire edge and go from there, but if you have any insight on these tires, I'd like to know what pressures you run please...
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    32 psi COLD is a good starting point. I have an infa red thermometer to check my tire temps (inside, center, outside) right after a session. You want the middle temp in between the outside temps. The center will be hotter if over inflated, or colder under inflated. Adjust pressures accordingly.
    Front tires will be hottest on the inside from negative camber. The rears I get almost even across the tire.
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    That brings up a great point. What infrared reader to you have? That would be the best way to see how the tire is performing...
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    Its a cheap piece, about the size of a keyless entry fob. A friend gave it to me, but its perfect for track days.
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    I have a Fluke 62...bought it 15 yrs ago. It will depict the highest temp, and also the current temp. ( 2 x displays). It can also be switched from F to C. Max range is -22F to +932F (-30C to +500C). It can be used for all sorts of stuff, like finding exhaust leaks, tire temps, eng bay temps, individual component temps etc, leaking gaskets, etc. I used it around the home to find where insulation was lacking, air temps of output of AC units, fridge and freezer actual temps, oven temps etc. I also use it on electronic components, where dangerous high dc and ac voltages are involved. Comes with a laser pointing aid..which also works as a great cat exercising toy. Fluke 62 has been around for a long time, and is an industry standard.

    This is the latest version, which includes distance, as well as min, max, average,difference between 2 x temps. Backlit, drop proof, water proof etc. https://www.fluke-direct.com/product/fluke-62-max-infrared-thermometer?search=
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    On my 275/35/18 615's I start around 32 cold front and rear, they typically rise about 4-6psi on the first lap. Then I will adjust accordingly.
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