Flat spot eliminators

Discussion in 'Tires and Wheels' started by Laga, Jan 28, 2023.

  1. Laga

    Laga Senior Member

    Anybody ever use these? Last week the weather was good and I was able to take the car for a ride. The tires had some serious flat spots from sitting a couple of weeks. The weather forecast is snow and cold for the foreseeable future, so I thought I’d give these a try. I had to buy two snap together sets to be wide enough for the 295’s on the rear. 98C2887A-E4EF-4322-9B11-AF3E3334DE0B.jpeg
    I had to jack the car up because they would slide on the concrete floor when I tried to ride over them. I’m sure if I attached them to some plywood in the future, it would eliminate that problem.
  2. AHaze

    AHaze Member

    Can't say I've ever noticed this issue and my car sits in the same spot from November through April.
  3. LikeabossTM

    LikeabossTM forum member

    Yea, any flat spots I've 'noticed' have been forgotten after a mile or two. No experience with em but i wouldn't bother.
  4. JC SSP

    JC SSP Member

    This used to be common when a vehicle with bias-ply tires was sitting for a long duration without being moved. Today modern radials are less prone to this...
  5. Laga

    Laga Senior Member

    I know it’s not as bad as with the bias tires, but after 2 weeks, there are enough of s flat spot that the steering wheel shakes on the highway. I’m only a half mile from the interstate. The tires don’t get a chance to warm up in that short amount of time. I just inherited 2 more cars, so my drive time in the Mustang is getting reduced. The M/T drag radials seem to do it worst than the Nittos. That’s why I’m trying these.
  6. MADGT

    MADGT forum member

    I used them after I had the car sitting for awhile, then drove it for a couple of week, then went for an alignment and balance. Shop stated my tires still showed some flat spots. Interesting.
  7. MasterofDisaster

    MasterofDisaster Member

    I had orders to Okinawa for a year. The Ford dealer recommended that I leave the car on jackstands. I'm not sure how long it takes to flat spot a tire.
  8. brford

    brford Junior Member

    I store my 2006 GT convertible for the cold winter in a garage with cold and damp cement floors. I noticed flat spots on my last set of tires that took weeks to go away. I purchased what looks like this same product. It seems to have worked. It is also much easier to park the car driving in to the spot backwards.
  9. Laga

    Laga Senior Member

    Backwards is not an option since I also park my pickup in the garage. Jacks are a last resort because of my back problems making getting up off the ground difficult and painful. The garage floor is epoxy coated with sand imbedded into it. It’s very non-slip except for things made of plastic. I had to replace a set of rhino ramps because they slid too much.
  10. Juice

    Juice forum member

    The softer the tire, the more you will experience this.
    I have a set of 200 tread wear tires, I can feel flat spots for a couple of miles. Worst set to do this was a set of Hoosier slicks, but went away after a warmup lap.
    Never noticed this with any other "street" tire with 300 or higher tread wear.
  11. JC SSP

    JC SSP Member

    I place a piece of carpet (Afghan mud rugs) under my Rino ramps to prevent them from sliding.
  12. Laga

    Laga Senior Member

    Last time out after sitting two weeks, we got on the highway, and the wife asked “ why is the car shaking “. It goes away after 5 miles, but as I stated, the car is probably going to be sitting for a couple of months until I deal with the inherited vehicles. My driveway will be full and street parking is out. Nittos 555 G2 3 years old, 5K miles.

    I did that too. Then I added a chin spoiler to the car and it would hit the ramps before the tires, so I had to place a “pre-ramp” of lumber in front of the ramps. Finally, I just made wooden ramps that were both long enough and had detachable ends so I could get the angled part out of the way.

    edit; I rent a U-haul trailer for track days. Not only do I need the pre-ramp to get the car on the trailer. I have to build up where the front tires sit to clear the bulkhead of the trailer. I keep a collection of 2’ long 2x10’s just for that.
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