Forgeline Beadlocks for s197 mustang!!

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    alright s197 guys, contain yourself, these are the first ever sets of forgeline 15x10 beadlocks, with matching 18x5 fronts produced for the 05-14 mustang.

    you have the cf1r 5 spoke and the gs1r 10 spoke. i have 1 full set of each in stock , these will be sold as complete sets, not splitting them up. we can custom order whatever finish you want, and..... the finish is customizeable. Forgeline has about 20 different finishes we can do. and you can customize the beadlock ring as well. For these we opted for gloss black.
    fronts will clear 11-14 brembo cars as well (excluding gt500)

    Now the good stuff...... Weight. Thes rear beadlocks come in the 5 spoke at 18.45 lbs, and the 10 spoke at 18.25 lbs. For comparison a 15x10 weld single beadlock in s197 is 21.5lbs, s76 10 spoke is 23 lbs, and s77 12 spoke is 24 lbs. so depending on which style you like your saving almost 6lbs about 1/3 of the weight....

    Fronts come in about 3-6lbs lighter as well compared to a weld 18x5 front.
    I only have 1 set of each in stock, normal build time is about 6 weeks. Best news, pricing is very comparable to the other brands out there like weld.

    Hit us up for forum specials.

    GS1R- Skinny Gloss Black .jpg

    CF1R-Skinng Gloss Black .jpg

    GS1R- BL 15_ All Gloss Black .jpg

    CF1R-BL 15_ All Gloss Black .jpg
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