Fundraiser for Gaston County Hospice April 27 @ Pro Dyno

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  1. Jeffk

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    Fundraiser for Gaston County Hospice-

    Date – April 27, 2013
    Time - 9am -2pm with Trophies being handled out at 2.

    Location – Pro-Dyno,
    3545F Centre Circle
    Fort Mill, SC 29715

    • Car Show
    • 50/50 tickets
    • Raffle
    • Donations.

    The car show will cover the following categories, we will plan on awarding a trophy for each class - if we focus our judging on cleanliness it will level the playing field for all participants. We will not judge on how many mods you have. We are working on some trophy costs that the SVT group has used. We are going to charge a $10 entry fee, giving each of the entrants a raffle ticket. We will offer trophies for the following categories -

    Judging criteria


    We are going to start working the vendors pretty hard after the first of the year. We spoke with Natalie Tindol at Tindol Ford in Gastonia, they will support us in some fashion. Ford is tough on their dealers and how they function in another dealers market.
    Steve is going to work Hawthorne for us to see what they can do. We have been in contact with Ford's Warriors in Pink (Breast cancer program), they are going to send us some goodies to hand out.

    Dan’s only rule is that all monies raised will be donated to the charity we designate. We can cover our costs but not profit from it. I would think we could absorb all costs for the event within our group. We can keep this pretty simple/ low budget I believe.

    I appreciate your support and look forward to raising a lot of money for a very worthy group.We need someone to work on a flyer for us (Jeff/John?). I have the vendor list from WWP that we can start working for donations for the raffle. Any other ideas?

    Dan will supply the food, we will need staffing to cook/serve/clean up. Thanks in advance for your help.

    Anyone who wants to volunteer please post up what you'd like to help with whether it be judging, cooking, clean-up, etc...


    Clint - early morning setup and cooking
    John- Cook
    Kevin - Food service
    Jeff - Relief cook and clean up
    Alan - Clean up
    Steve - Setup / food service

    Other items that are needed

    -Folding tables if you have some I think 2-3 would be good
    -Raffle tickets

    Already offered and accepted are:

    John - 10x10 Canopy, folding table
    Harold - 10x10 Canopy

    Vendor sponsors

    American Muscle
    CJ's Pony Parts
    Detailers Domain
    Hypermotive Performance
    Lethal Performance
    Lucas Oil
    MGW Shifters
    Ford Racing

    Some of the raffle prizes




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  2. JJ@Hypermotive

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    I hope to make this one too.
  3. Jeffk

    Jeffk forum member

    Wouldn't be the same without you.
  4. Jeffk

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    Supporting vendors added to first post.
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  5. Jeffk

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  6. GallopingFord

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  7. shark tales

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    i was there and didnt even see this thread lol
  8. JJ@Hypermotive

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    It was good to see you there too.
  9. shark tales

    shark tales Wiggle Wiggle Memeber

    likewise my friend
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