G1/G2 Coyote wiring cheat sheets

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  1. falk

    falk Junior Member

    Swapping a Coyote into an early 4th gen Mounty which presently has a 4.6 3v and a 6r60 w/ internal TCM. Planning the wiring at this point, and I was wondering if anyone has put together cheat sheets on the wiring for the G1/G2 motors, specifically PCM pin outs?

    Plan for my build is a G2 with a 6r80 pro-street style. Get it running with the donor PCM and add some power adders later. I've been looking at packages from the various "run on a pallet" companies, and a full package from those shops is under $10k with minimal mileage... they include everything I would pull out of a donor car.

    I'm asking on this forum simply because the mustang crowd is well versed in 3v to coyote swaps. the extent of swap talk on the explorer/mounty forums consists of really stupid questions, like "what would it take to swap my 4.0 for a 4.6?"

    There is one dude who put a G1 Coyote in an explorer sport trac, but he kept things pretty quiet and didn't say much about his build... figured I'd come here and ask the pros.

    Just for fun - here's how I plan to kill the current rig:


    The bottom end might live, but that 6R60 is going to spew mercon and metal all over the strip!
  2. Juice

    Juice forum member

    I used the two diagrams (07,13 mustang) and matched up each wire one at a time, most of it is in the C175B. My understanding is most guys who do the coyote swap either use the control pack or use a doner and swap all the harnesses so no repining wires.
  3. Anti

    Anti forum member

    I don't have much to provide in the way of advice, a video of that nitrous on a 3v is a must. Lol
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