GT450 Stage I Manifold Kit $2195

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    Department Of Boost GT450 Stage I Manifold kit

    Make 450-650 Rear Wheel Horsepower



    Using the Department Of Boost Manifold kit and a few customer supplied parts you can supercharge your 2005-2010 Mustang GT for far, far less money than any other option out there.

    Features and Specifications:

    -Tested and proven (over 150 of these combinations are already on the road/track)
    -Complete installation can be done for as little as $3600
    -Best horsepower/ dollar ratio of any modification available
    -USES OEM GT500 Roots Improved blower for cool running and bulletproof reliability
    -OEM drivability
    -Biggest/best flowing intercooler in the industry for unrivaled performance
    -Complete installation instructions available
    -Optional boost levels
    -Uses mostly OEM parts for unrivaled reliability and parts accessibility
    -As easy or easier to install than the other blower kits available for the 2005-2010 Mustang GT
    -NO fabrication necessary
    -Billet construction
    -O-ring sealing. No messy sealants/RTV’s
    -Easy intercooler fitting/port access

    The manifold kit includes:

    -Billet aluminum intake manifold with intragal intercooler
    -Billet aluminum alternator brackets
    -Billet aluminum thermostat housing
    -Billet aluminum fuel rail spacers
    -Billet aluminum quick change snout pulley and hub
    -Fasteners required to install the manifold and supercharger



    What is needed to complete the installation:

    You, the customer will supply the smaller parts for the kit to make it complete. In most cases there are lots of options (fuel injectors for instance). All of these parts are easily attainable and inexpensive. The list below represents a basic/easiest install and “matches” the instructions. You can go with different parts with different performance envelopes (heat exchangers for example) and build yourself a more aggressive kit if you want to.

    Supercharger/Throttle body/Cold Air kit:

    Stock GT500 blower and elbow. It is easy to overspend on a take off blower.
    Stock GT500 Throttle body
    Stock GT500 CAI and air filter (any GT500 CAI will work though). The 2010+ units work fantastic so they are the first choice.

    *****It is easy to overspend on the blower/TB/CAI. If you don’t already have one or can’t fine one stupid cheap we have new/take off blower/TB/CAI combo’s for $585*****

    Fuel System:

    Stock 47lb/hr GT500 injectors. Almost any “Mustang injector will work though as long as they are 36-52lb/hr. Used sets can be had for $125-150
    Fuel pump. Aeromotive “Stealth” 340lph part #11140. New $168

    Belt System:

    Gates 76mm idler pulley #38006 x2. New $32
    Dayco belt #5081300. New $40

    New OEM Parts/Sensors/Gaskets/etc:

    Stock GT500 blower gasket/o-ring #7R3Z-9H486-AA. New $62
    Stock GT500 intake air temp sensor #9C1Z-12A697-B. New $23
    Stock GT500 Intake Air Temp Sensor pigtail #3U2Z-14S411-JZA. New $30

    Supercharger Cooling System:

    Heat exchanger (HE). Stock GT500 HE’s are the most popular. The 2010+ year heat exchangers are a little bit bigger/better. But any S197 heat exchanger will get the job done and bigger is always better. Used from $75.
    Water pump. The stock GT500, Lightning and Bosch pumps are the most popular. Used from $75. New $120.
    Overflow tank. There are literally hundreds of options here. The stock GT500 tanks that mount to the radiator shroud is the least expensive. Used $25. New Roush units that don’t require relocating the power steering reservoir $66.
    30A relay and plug. New $10.

    Supplies For Making Water/Electrical Connections, etc. Pricing below is for new stuff:

    3/8 fuel line. $6
    Fuel line clamps. $15
    5/8-3/8 barbed reducing couplings. $5
    3/8 ID vacuum hose. $5
    5/8 ID vacuum/heater hose. $5
    3/4 ID heater hose. $18
    Hose clamps. $40
    3/4-3/4 barbed adapter. $4
    5/8-5/8 barbed adapter. $4
    1/4NPT-1/4 barb adapter fitting. $3
    1/2NPT-3/4 barb adapter fitting. $7
    -12An to 3/4NPT fittings. $16
    -12AN 90deg hose ends. $34
    Permatex RTV grey. $7
    Electrical supplies. $50

    For 2005-2006 Cars only**

    Engine Cooling System modifications 2005-2006 cars. 2007-2010 cars don’t need these parts:

    2007-2010 GT lower radiator hose #7R3Z-8286-C. $63
    2007-2010 GT “water neck” #7R3Z-8592A. $23
    2007-2010 GT “water neck” O-ring #F1VY-8255A. $10
    2007-2010 GT “cross over” O-ring/seal # 6L2Z-8C388-A. $5
    2007-2010 GT thermostat. $10

    For 2010 cars only**

    2010 Year cars need the following intake gaskets. 2005-2009 cars don’t need them.

    2005-2009 Intake gaskets/O-rings #7R3Z-9439-AA. $68


    Installation and Tech Support:

    Complete installation instructions available

    In addition to that there is Department Of Boost staff and the core group of Department Of Boost customers that are effectively available 24/7 to fill in the few blanks you may have on this very forum.

    It’s probably fair to say that with the combination of the instructions and the number of previous customers that are willing to lend tech support the Department Of Boost manifold/supercharger kit is supported as well if not better than other blower kits (try getting XYZ blower company to answer the phone on a Saturday!).
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