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    Good evening all hope all is well in the mustang community, I am technically not new here but couldnt remember my info to login so created a new account which I have now made a note so I dont create new accounts lol, Anyways a little about myself....Name is John, from Southern California and have been a Mustang Enthusiast since 2005 when I purchased my first S197 she was a V6 but loved it to death but long story short and a few mustang's in between I have landed a 2008 S197 Gt 5 speed, charcoal grey with some light mods such as raxiom headlights and tails, Koni suspension, S&B cold air riding on american muscle 18' bullit wheels 245 in front and 275 in rear with firestone indy 500 tires, Shes my Daily so I dont beat her up and only feed her the best fuel and oil, Guess that about sums it up, not sure how to add pics but I will if I eventually learn, but I do have 1 question maybe someone can help with, Am I able to put E85 on a regular basis or is something needed for me to be able to run E85, In SoCal there are not many E85 stations and a new one came up and it's a dollar less than 91, Any help is appreciated thanks all.

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    just a reminder on the board

    Please take a few moments and read through these:




    As to running E85 - your tune needs to be adjusted to run it, you'd like need to upgrade your injectors as well, keep in mind, you lose MPG using it, typically around 30% at a minimum

    I've run it in my Shelby for 8 years, I get about 10 mpg in mixed driving and 14 hwy, keep in mind my car is heavily modded and makes good power, a stock gasoline Shelby of a similar vintage is rated 20 mpg hwy.
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    Welcome to the forum.
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    Greetings/Welcome from East-Central NE...sit down, log-in & enjoy the ride!!!