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    Everyone I've talked to swears by you. I have yet to hear one negative thing. With that said, if you'd like a new customer...I'd like to hire you to take care of my tuning needs.

    You're a bit lucky as I'm still building my motor. Although I have final say what gets done, I'm going to rely HEAVILY on your suggestions. I've not yet done anything regarding cams, heads or fuel system. Let me give you a rundown of what I have and what I want it to do.

    BOSS 5.0 Iron Block
    Kellogg Crank
    Oliver Rods
    Diamond 10:1 Pistons
    ARP Fasteners
    GT500 Oil Pump w/TSS Billet Gears
    FRPP Lifter/Follower Kit
    Phasers w/Lockouts installed
    ID1000 Injectors
    Whipple 2.3 w/Dual Belt Setup
    SCJ Throttle Body
    Kook's LT Headers w/OR H-Pipe

    Trans is 3650 and I'll be installing McLeod RST Clutch & Flywheel.

    I want to run E85 and have the ability to run pump fuel if I can't find E85.

    I have a race engine builder that's wanting to do my head work...but I'm not sure what all needs to be done to the heads. Larger valves, bronze guides, heavier springs, unshrouding the valves and of course porting/polishing. After he finishes he wants to put the heads on a flow bench and order a custom cam using those numbers. What are your thoughts on this? Am I missing anything? Is that too much work/money for any gains I'll see?

    With the head work & custom cams, if I can't get 800 to the rear wheel...I see no need in going that extreme. The previous owner of the Whipple was getting 725 at the wheel on stock heads and E85...and he said his cam were mediocre.

    The input I need from you right now would be on my heads/cams. If I'm going to have him do the work, I need to get them to him ASAP.

    What's your thoughts?

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  2. BadPiggy

    BadPiggy Hooligan Asshole

    1st post edited now. Reply at your leisure. Thanks!
  3. Good choice:thumb:
  4. weather man

    weather man Persistance Is A Bitch S197 Team Member

    He's on vacation, drop a PM on him also.
  5. skwerl

    skwerl tree hugger

    I think the 3650 will probably last about 3 weeks with that setup. I see a T56 Magnum in your future, so don't spend all your money on the motor!
  6. avinaj80

    avinaj80 Senior Member S197 Team Member

    No, spend it all on the motor and then spend some more on the T56! :stir:
  7. lito

    lito forum member

    Thanks! Getting back finally home tonight, internet access was pretty bad where I was so quite backed up with remote stuff, will get up to speed tomorrow and get back to you here.

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  8. lito

    lito forum member

    Ok, on FI, heads and cams are not as important as in an NA combo, you can make good power with stockers as you are pushing the air thru, usually, is cheaper and almost as effective to just up the boost a couple of psi and make the same power as all that work would render, probably (taking temps, octane and all other considerations aside for a moment). Now, that is not completely your case because your FI is not too big and quite limited, this 2.3L gets maxed quite fast so, in a way you are a similar position of an NA car, wanting to max your config with a limited FI source.

    Obviously, the head work and a cam will help, having a bigger bore, bigger valves work (better than with standard 3.552 bores) and a custom cam will be the better option (which wont be much much more expensive than a comp version which is not so ideal for your PD).

    So at the end is what you decide to do, help? yes, but it is quite some money.

    On the gearbox, if you launch it and doesnt have an upgraded billett inout shaft, it would quite probably kaput, if you power shift 1-2, it will kaput, if you treat it light, it will hold.
  9. BadPiggy

    BadPiggy Hooligan Asshole

    Getting ready to order my fuel system.
    Going with a FORE setup.
    Before I order, I need to know one thing from my tuner.

    Where will you want me to install the regulator?
    BEFORE or AFTER the rails?

    Not sure why this matters when ordering the setup, but FORE asks the question.
  10. JeremyH

    JeremyH 3V Fuel Guru S197 Team Member

    There are many ways to route the setup, I went with essentially a stage 2 kit with regulator after rails.
  11. irishpwr46

    irishpwr46 Official Site Vandal

    i take it youre going with a return style system. if you are, you will want the regulator after the rails on the return line. its easier to control pressure behind a regulator than in front of it.
  12. Bobby

    Bobby turbo gt about to go fast

    I use a y to go to each rail then out the back of each of them to the regulator then back to the fuel tank
  13. irishpwr46

    irishpwr46 Official Site Vandal

    definitely after the rails then.
  14. lito

    lito forum member

    It depends on use, both ways work and have its own pros and cons.

    If mostly street driven, with traffic and all, pre.

    All out race, post.

    Planning on switching pumps with boost?
  15. johnnyv8

    johnnyv8 Senior Member S197 Team Member

    +2, I blow up my 3rd gear at only 9psi...
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