How about Leather projects

Discussion in 'Other Hobbies' started by Midlife Crises, Jan 24, 2023 at 2:11 AM.

  1. Midlife Crises

    Midlife Crises Senior Member

    Recently completed a couple holsters for two of my sons. One belt carry rig for a 686 and the other an adjustable paddle style for a 1911.


  2. JC SSP

    JC SSP Member

    Nice tooling & craftsmanship...

    Looks like a Series 80 Gold Cup National Match.
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  3. Cum Grano Salis

    Cum Grano Salis Member

    It’s about the holsters here, not what’s in them. I find the skill involved is exceptional patience and creativity on what’s next? Am sure many patterns, overlays and samples available, I couldn’t do it.

    Worked in leather finishing factory (only electrician) in start out years, they did finishes for patent leather shoes, embossing. Wasn’t the holster grade stuff, but sanded down entire cow sides/hides.
  4. Midlife Crises

    Midlife Crises Senior Member

    Yep! Picked that guy up about 1982.
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