Hydro E-Brake set up?

Discussion in 'Drift Racing Tech Discussion' started by Schnee197, Feb 1, 2012.

  1. Schnee197

    Schnee197 forum member

    Does anyone have a hydro erake set up in there car? Looking for some info.
  2. foolio2k4

    foolio2k4 forum member

  3. DRock

    DRock Senior Member

    Saw their stuff at SEMA this year and it looked pretty impressive, I'd do it
  4. dcjones

    dcjones forum member

    I'm still running the cable e-brake on my car for a couple of reasons:

    1. I didn't want to loose pedal feel if I needed to hit the brake pedal while I was on the e-brake. The only way to solve this is to use a 2nd caliper and that was out of my budget.

    2. C-clip rear axles will knock the pads back away from the rotor giving you a long handle. I really didn't want this on a fast entry.
  5. fivehunsky

    fivehunsky forum member

    The factory ebrake cables are prone to breaking. And, its usually not timed well.. Ask me how I know.. lol..

    Im going to be upgrading to a hydro this season. Im already having to move lines around anyway so I might as well.
  6. Dreadknought

    Dreadknought HOON MONSTER

    Anybody know of a decent system to use for a daily? Mines busted as well. I might just have to rig up a locking mechanism.
  7. 908ssp

    908ssp forum member

    I'd like a solution as well but it is more complicated than it looks. The first suggestion looks OK except you have to use two master cylinders unless you disable the ABS. There are two brake lines running from the ABS module to the rear brakes and each one is modulated individually. Using two masters makes it much more expensive and bulky. The master simply go in the brake line going to each wheel. When the brake is not engaged the fluid flows right through the master. When the handle is pulled the input port closes and then pressure is put on the rear calipers. So in theory this will work.

    The second suggestion only works with separate calipers. It could be modified to include some kind of holding mechanism which would hold the brake engaged for parking use.

    There is a hydraulic holding valve that could be used if you just want to use it for a parking brake. It works by first applying the brakes with your foot in the normal way then pushing in the plunger this closes the hydraulic lines so that the brakes don't release. They stay on till the brake pedal is pushed again and this releases the hydraulic pressure allowing the rear brakes to release. Of course you have to use two of these as well unless they make a double one which I have never seen.
  8. krang00

    krang00 forum member

    This is actually on my list for my winter build this year. Right now my plan is to run the universal pull up hydro from ASD with it's own reservoir(http://asdmotorsports.3dcartstores.com/ASD-Universal-Hydraulic-E-Brake-Pull-Up_p_18.html) plumed to a second set of dedicated rear Brembo rotors I got off a 04 EVO. They fit the rear rotors perfect so right now I'm designing a bolt-on bracket that will let me mount them to the rear side of the rotor and maintain the stock caliper on the front. I'll post some pics as I get this completed. I wanted to keep the stock brake system intact without simply splitting the lines like a lot of people do to a hydro ebrake.
  9. 908ssp

    908ssp forum member


    Are those Evo Brembos fixed or floating calipers? Fixed calipers will have knock back problems on SRA cars because our axles float in and out and the calipers don't. The fixed calipers look great but they don't work on floating axle cars unless you build in a float in your bracket. A floating caliper like the stock Mustang one would be easier just copy the dimensions of the stock bracket but for two calipers one in front one in back.
  10. fivehunsky

    fivehunsky forum member

    I will be doing a hydro this season as well. The plans are to copy the stock bracket and just double up on stock calipers like what was mentioned above. Shouldnt be hard at all.

    Also, the ksport brand ebrake works great for many cars that I have seen. Just another option as well. The asd is an awesome piece but pricey last I checked.
  11. dafridgea

    dafridgea forum member

    Me too
  12. XJCasper

    XJCasper forum member

    Another thread I am reviving to ask questions...
    I like how the hydro handles in appearance. And my cable broke, luckily at Safeway.

    Is it fairly easy to adapt the hydro handle to the factory system?
  13. C.Love

    C.Love forum member

    I don't currently have one in my Mustang I had one of my old 240 racecar. I personally would keep the factory emergency brake especially if you drive the car on the street. however if you get the handbrake that resembles the stock handbrake that might get to be a little bit weird. I personally prefer the tall vertical ones as IM relatively tall and the stock placement of the E-brakes are generally in a location that is not perfect for me to reach.

    having said all that I would weld the handbrake box to a large flat thick piece of plate steel then weld the steel to the chassis of the car, this goes for either handbrake set up.

    *** sorry if that's hard to understand I'm using the talk to type feature on my crappy phone
  14. Sharman_s550

    Sharman_s550 Junior Member

    I've read up that if you upgrade to a hydraulic e brake, you will not pass inspections. You lose full functions of the ebrake once swapped. Any one know if this is true?
  15. Shinenshow

    Shinenshow Junior Member

    Ive been trying to think of a way to do this for a few years now. Couldnt you get line-lock for the rear brakes and tie in the hydro e-brake right after the line-lock. Essentially you wont have rear breaks unless you use the hydro ebrake while line lock is engaged. But wouldnt it give you the ability to use full brake force on the street and driftability on the track without losing brake pressure?
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