Idler pulley not lining up...

Discussion in 'Department Of Boost' started by blacllkllsi, Dec 20, 2016.

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    Figured I would post this here since I am still unable to post on the DOB forum. I am finally finishing up my install and did my first start up yesterday. All went well except the belt on this one pulley beneath the waterneck is hanging off the back of the pulley about a 1/4 inch or so. You can see the belt wobbling slightly after it passes the pulley. I was thinking of shaving down the spacer but am wondering what could cause this? I am running 3 76mm idler pulleys, 2 on the bracket and one beneath the alternator, and a 3in supercharger pulley. The pulleys look lined up otherwise. I am also getting this chirping noise, sounds like it's the supercharger.

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  2. o2sys

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    The belt chirping is from misalignment probably. Smooth idlers are usually not the root of the cause but a grooved pulley usually is. What idlers pulleys are using (from what car?)
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    Something is out of alignment if the belt is hanging off a pulley. Shaving a spacer down is a Band Aid fix.

    I locate chirping with WD40. It won't solve it, but it will narrow it down to exactly where it's coming from.

    You may want to try the DOB FB page in the future. A lot more DOB owners will see your posts:

    I'm killing the forum shortly.
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