Install OEM HID on your 2007? Come in!

Discussion in '2005+ Mustang GT 4.6L Tech' started by ChrisGT, Jan 13, 2023.

  1. ChrisGT

    ChrisGT Nice Shirt Bilkins

    I have been trying to diagnose an issue after installing OEM hids into my 2007. I purchased an OEM headlight harness with relay box and followed the write-up by silverhorse. My driver's side headlight isn't receiving power. The passenger side works as normal with hi/lo beam. The silverhorse guide was done on a 2005, and I know some electrics changed for 07 and then 08/09. I have seen people successfully use the guide on 05-06 and 08-09 vehicles, but I haven't seen one on a 2007. I know the fuse boxes had changes for 2007 and again in 2008-2009. Has anyone accomplished this on an 07? Thanks for any input.

  2. Juice

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    I have not worked with HIDs, so this is what I would check.
    I assume you know for a fact that the left HID is in good working order. (You right marker is out BTW, may not be related)

    So the lights are controlled by the SJB, and non HID lights use One relay for each beam. (Hi/Lo). So, based on that, the issue would be between the headlamp relay and headlamps. This is a separate circuit from the park lamps, so you still have that issue to resolve.
    Time to dive into the wiring diagrams and see what is different between HID and standard lighting. Do HIDs use two relays per side?

    Forscan may help to see what codes the SJB has if any. And can run the SJB self test that will cycle through and power up items controlled by the SJB. I dont think thats the issue, but Forscan is a good tool to have.
  3. ChrisGT

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    For anyone who sees this in the future, this was solved by putting an add-a-fuse on fuse #50 (so you'll have 2 15A fuses splitting off from slot 50) and running a wire from there to the driver side headlight wire, tapping in before the relay box on the harness.

    Apparently 2007 model year cars do not have a fuse or electrics ran to slot 54, where the driver side light wire on the HID harness lines up under. 05-06 have a fuse in #54 that gives it power, as do 08-09 cars.

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  4. Macman45

    Macman45 Resident Geriatric

    You got it! I knew a multimeter would solve it. Looks great!!!

    Need to see that thing running around Huntsville.
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  5. ChrisGT

    ChrisGT Nice Shirt Bilkins

    Flag me down if you see me! Just took some investigative work and a little bit of common sense style brain power lol. Glad to have it back on the road.
  6. MADGT

    MADGT forum member

    Nice wheel set up...whacha got there for set up?
  7. ChrisGT

    ChrisGT Nice Shirt Bilkins

    Thanks! They’re project 6gr in s550 fitment. I traded it in and decided to put them on my s197. They fit so nicely offset wise. 315/35/20 in the back and 275/35/20 in the front.
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  8. Jwood562

    Jwood562 Junior Member

    I would love to piece some OEM HIDs together one day. Anyone have a night time cutoff picture?
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