Issue with rear windows on convertible

Discussion in '2011+ Ford Mustang V6 3.7L Tech' started by mist82, Oct 30, 2019.

  1. mist82

    mist82 Junior Member

    I have a strange issue with rear windows. When I bring the top down, windows roll down automatically, no issue.

    When I bring the roof up and lock it in, rear windows won't go up. No issues with front

    When I click the switch up for rears I can't hear the "click" when motor gets the power, most of the time. After enough times pulling on the switch it will engage and bring the windows up, but this is happening less and less.

    Checked both fuses for both windows, they are good. Though it was the switch, replaced with new one, same thing.

    I know motor for Windows works as it goes down easily when top is engaged.

    Any ideas?

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  2. Jim RN

    Jim RN Junior Member

    Having basically the same issue with my 2011.
  3. JimC

    JimC Senior Member

    When the top is down will the windows go up?
  4. nawagner

    nawagner forum member

    Find a wiring diagram. There is a top position switch that may have dirty contacts or is going bad. I just don't remember if that switch is in the window circuit for the rear windows.
  5. 86GT351

    86GT351 forum member

    Behind the RH rear kick panel there is a convertible top ajar switch. Check it for good contact. Common issue. Not a good connection and windows malfunction.
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  6. Jim RN

    Jim RN Junior Member

  7. Jim RN

    Jim RN Junior Member

    What does this top ajar switch look like? Having issues with my Maybe a part number?
  8. asdrew

    asdrew Junior Member

    You asked this last year but this thread still comes up in searches, so here is some of the info I've gleaned. This is the grounding switch removed from where it mounts. The light gray cam-like disc on the top support depresses either of the momentary switches when the top is fully up or down, which then allows the rear windows to go up. The photo is from my "spare" top which has been removed and replaced with another.
    top position switch.jpg
    I installed my own momentary button so I can override it when the top is not engaging the switch properly. I traced the two colored wires to where they go under the door sill and tapped into one of them. Then I ran the wire up to where the top up/down switch is, so when the button is pressed it grounds out, letting the windows go back up. I labeled it for fun. top button.jpg
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  9. asdrew

    asdrew Junior Member

    This is where it is mounted behind that metal plate and plugged in below. Grounding either colored wire in the connector lets the window go back up.
    top position switch location.jpg
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