JPC Street Car show/Test & Tune /Shootout -September 14 at Capital Raceway

Discussion in 'Mid-Atlantic' started by GT500RedStripe, Aug 27, 2014.

  1. GT500RedStripe

    GT500RedStripe More Power!

    With something for everyone, let's make this one to remember!!!

    JPC Street Car Shootout
    Hosted @ Capitol Raceway
    1451 Capitol Raceway Road
    Crofton, MD 21114

    JPC will be hosting a Street Car Shootout @ Capitol Raceway on September 14th, 2014.
    Street Car Shootout Entry - $100 ($1000 to win)
    Test and Tune Entry - $40​
    Spectator Entry - $10​
    Event Scheduale​
    Gates Open @ 10am​
    Car Show Starts @ 11am​
    Lanes Open @ 12pm​
    Shootout Starts @ 12:30pm​
    Event Rules-​

    1. Car must have a vin number
      Max Tire Size 28x10.5 or 275 Radial on a 15" Wheel. Any wheel 16" or larger is allowed any size radial.
      Car must have tags on it.
      All Races will be heads up off of a Pro Tree
      All Runs will be No Time
      Must have alternator
      1/4 Mile Racing
      Drivers will pick out of a hat to decide what car they race next

    We will be running a test and tune at this event that will have it's own separate lanes. We also will be having grudge racing available for anyone looking to make a pass. Car show is being hosted by Bayside Mustangs. Contact them for details on the show.

    If you've got any questions about the event email [email protected] or call 410 729 0005 ext 11.
  2. GT500RedStripe

    GT500RedStripe More Power!

    9 more days! Can't wait!!
  3. GT500RedStripe

    GT500RedStripe More Power!

    Current NWS Forecast: Sunny, with a high near 68.

    This will be a good day!
  4. GT500RedStripe

    GT500RedStripe More Power!

    Loaded up on this gorgeous morning to join over 100 Mustangs at Capitol Raceway!!

    Dry cool air and bright sun to warm the track! GIMME SOME LOW DA'S!! YEA!
  5. Johnf78

    Johnf78 forum member

    Enjoy! Sounds like a fun day. Stay safe and good luck.
  6. GT500RedStripe

    GT500RedStripe More Power!

    It was a good showing with around 100 Mustangs. It was great to see lots of MACA and friends here. The air was not as good as hoped. I got in 3 passes with a best of 10.09 at 139 with a 1.46 60'. Close but no cigar.... I'm looking for the next cold air rental at MIR.
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