Kooks Super Street Shorty Header Sale 15% Off & FREE SIPPING

Discussion in 'JDM Engineering' started by [email protected], Jun 5, 2013.

  1. Nick@JDM

    [email protected] Member Official Vendor

    For a limited time, JDM Engineering is offering the new Kooks Super Street Shorty Headers for 15% off of retail with FREE SHIPPING The new price is not to far off of the sale we did when these headers first arrived on the market after we tested them. ;-)

    I have read some good feedback from those who took advantage of our first sale and would like to offer something for anyone who is on the fence about purchasing a set.

    Thank you! :beer:

  2. timfoster405

    timfoster405 forum member

    Is a high flow h-pipe a 'cat-less' h-pipe? which will require a tune?
  3. JimIII@JDM

    [email protected] Senior Member Official Vendor S197 Team Member

    Yes and Yes
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