Looking for pricing on clutch, flywheel, bearings, etc...

Discussion in 'Tasca Ford Parts' started by nbk13nw, Jan 5, 2019.

  1. nbk13nw

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    Hey Steve,

    Can you tell me the availability and pricing on the following components for a 2005 Mustang GT Manual trans? Any discount codes available?

    Part Number: 1R3Z-6375-A

    Ford Mustang Clutch Pressure Plate Assembly
    Part Number: 8R3Z-7563-A

    Part Number: 8R3Z-7550-A

    Pilot Bearing
    Part Number: F6ZZ-7600-A

    Slave Cylinder
    Part Number: 4R3Z-7A508-AA
  2. Steve@Tasca

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    Sorry, are you still looking? I'm not sure how I haven't checked in here.

    If you are just message me and include an email address and ZIP and I'll send a link to a cart with the best deal we can do.