Mustang 3.7L ignition problem? no crank, no start.


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May 31, 2024
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Hi. Im having a problem with Ford Mustang 3.7L, automatic transmission, 2012yr., problems. The first problem was- no sound coming from speakers, radio not turning on. Checked the radio power and grounds- disconnected, cleaned, connected again the radio connectors- radio somehow works again! But noticed other problem- when I turn the ignition ON, the audio comes on only after ~15sec., also the same thing for the air blower and shifter shift lock- have to wait for about 15 sec., for all work. But the car starts- everything seem to be ok. So once again I checked all fuses, power and grounds- all seems to be in place and noticed that battery charge going low. Charged up the battery and contiuned to work... Tried to start the car- starter wont work! Now the car is in no crank no start condition. Checked the starter relay- power and grounds OK, the negative control side from the PCM (relay pin 85) is OK, but the positive control side (relay pin 86) is not OK- no control on this pin. So I checked fuses all again- all fuses okay except fuse in GEM/SJB #28(audio mute)- no voltage, but when I give 12V on this fuse, the starter works- but car wont start! I tried to change GEM/SJB module- no luck. Also- no PATS light, only weird thing and fault I have, that was not before- b2a20-60, b2844-60 (ignition stuck in start), the ignition itsefl is OK, I checked. What else I'm missing? What could be causing all this? And could someone tell me about green/white wire coming from PCM and GEM/SJB to starter relay- is 12volts coming from PCM or GEM/SJB? Thanks..


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