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    Hey guys/gals I would like to ask if any of your known how BOTH the driver & passenger ? My 07 has this option and I'm guessing it's part of some package deal although I don't known what that package is called.
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    Not sure what your asking.
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    Like Jeremy said. What's up. Really thought please explain a little better as to what you really wanted to ask. Something about power or heated seats ?
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    Hahaha. [​IMG] This is what happens when you legalize this stuff.
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    Why does it seem like whenever someone makes an unintelligible post like this, they never come back to clarify?

    Anyway, has anyone really been far even as decided to use even go want to do look more like?
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    Sparco or go home
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    UPDATE : I have since my post learned the answer to my question. What I was trying to find out was how common it is for the 05-09 mustang to come with both electric & heated seats. I was also trying to find out the name of this package, well someone on another mustang group as giving me the answer. This package is called the "Comfort package" some of these also came with heated steering wheel and heated mirrors although mine doesn't have those options.
  9. stkjock

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    I’m nt sure that package was offered in all those years. I had a 06 GT and I have a 08 Shelby. Neither one has heated seats or steering wheel I don’t recall that as an option when I ordered the 06

    Edit - looks like the 07+s had a “comfort group” the 06 didn’t
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