MustangFest 2019

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    Remember MustangFest 2014 on the flight deck of the USS Lexington?Then get ready...its happening again Oct. 5-6,2019!

    This year's MustangFest will be incorporated into AMERICA the Car Show™ — on the Flight Deck of the USS Lexington aircraft carrier. Our Last HOORAH! Never before has a show of this kind been held... and this will be the final Flight Deck car show. The aircraft carrier has made this one exception, and has informed us "this is it."
    More details about registration and such coming at a later date.

    MF2014LexandPA 077.JPG
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    Ok this is awesome! Is this open to the public or what? I'd love to be a part of this if possible!
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    If you have Instagram,feel free to follow me @55stangdude and send me a pm.I cant put out too much info until the director finalizes the details and opens the registration.If you've never seen the videos from the 2014 show,check out my YouTube @55stangdude and look quite a ways down on my list of videos.:big_banana_Dance: