New radio for the wife, Apple Car Play is a-mazing!

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    RocketcarX 95% of my weight is fuel

    When the wife wants better tunes, the wife gets better tunes, lol.
    She really wanted this Sony deck and man is it nice! The dedicated volume knob and track skip buttons are a must for me, she agrees. Its just too much work to try to look for screen buttons while driving. This deck kept the factory rear seat entertainment and the factory sub all working beautifully. The factory sound system sounds like I upgraded everything now, this sucker will jam!
    Apple Car Play is so seemless there was virtually no learning curve with this deck. The maps feature means a navigation specific deck was pointless. This is a media player, meaning it has no CD mechanism. Neither of us even own a CD at this point, the bulk of the music content we use is streamed from Amazon Music or Pandora so this thing was perfect.
    You can load pictures and video from a USB drive, it has a reverse camera input, the built in EQ abilities and crossovers will give you all the control you need and it is charging your phone the whole time it is plugged in so no mess of cords.
    As always it came from, we used the PAC wiring adapter and Metra install kit they include at a huge discount when you purchase a radio. Probably took me 45 minutes between wiring and installation, no problem. IMG_7917.JPG
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    Does the sun ever reduce the visibility of the screen? My Kenwood can be bad if the sun is shining right on it, especially with sunglasses on.
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    Nice clean install. I use Crutchfield also. They are a great resource for all car audio. Good job.
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  4. RocketcarX

    RocketcarX 95% of my weight is fuel

    The sun is shinning on it fairly directly in the picture, but when I rolled down the tinted windows to check just that issue it did reduce the visibility a small amount, not enough to call it washed out or anything. I think 95% of the time it will be fine.
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    I'm currently looking to replace my Shaker 500 Radio/CD player in my 2006 GT. The CD player has been problematic and now won't let me load, listen to or eject my CDs. Right now I have two CDs stuck in the 6 CD player and it's frustrating not being able to listen to them or eject them.

    As I'm not that much into the latest technology I'm looking for a radio that has Sirius Satellite capability and also a CD player. I've considered using Crutchfield however I'm not able to install the radio so I'm dependent on an Audio Installation Center such as Best Buy, Pep Boys or an independent shop.

    All of the radios I've seen have USB connections to play MP3 or IPOD music. When I use the radio it's mostly for Talk Shows or Sports Shows. I haven't decided if I will get the touch screen as you have or the more conventional dial setup similar to the radio I now have.

    You've done a great job of installing this unit and I'm sure that you'll enjoy the new features you have with the Apple system.
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    RocketcarX 95% of my weight is fuel

    Thanks for the positive feedback!
    You can opt for Crutchfield to prewire the radio to the adapter for you, makes the rest of the install cake. The Mustang is easy to take apart, plus Crutchfield will send vehicle specific instructions making it pretty much an any man's job.
    I would get the double din with a touch screen because you are limited in your ability to control the radio functions with a single din sized radio, it becomes frustrating. I an old school so I have to have a real volume knob, lol.
    Once you try out a service like Amazon Music you won't miss your CDs. I can listen to any album I choose by just about any artist I want. If that doesn't sound good to you, you can get a radio like this Sony but with a disc player.