New tune after 5R55S to TR3650 swap

Discussion in '2005+ Mustang GT 4.6L Tech' started by TheCrowdPlow, Jan 15, 2022.

  1. TheCrowdPlow

    TheCrowdPlow Member

    Im gonna be starting my manual swap soon and am very excited. I know mechanically I can get it all functioning fine. My questions arise when it comes to the electronic side. Ive seen most the old posts of these swaps and the good details in them. My car is a 2010 GT (auto) and I got a donor manual from an 07 GT, along with the 07 PCM and a bunch of wiring harness.

    But something that I havent found a solid answer on is who can I contact to get a new manual tune from so that my cars systems dont throw a temper tantrum at me?

    And another question that I havent found a good answer for is who has actually got their cruise control to work after the swap? Every person that has done the swap says "they dont use cruise so they didnt bother", well I do a lot of highway driving and cruise is kinda a necessity for me, (id honestly take it over a working speedo).

    My situation is kinda weird, I live in a pretty remote part of Manitoba and the closest dyno tuner is 4 hours away, on top of that I wasent the biggest fan of his work. So Im wondering if who I can call about doing a remote tune? And what is the best way about it, keep and use my factory 2010 auto PCM and wiring harness? swap in the 07 manual PCM and wiring harness? Swap in just the 07 manual PCM and keep my 2010 auto wiring harness? Also the tune that the "local" 4 hour away dyno tuner did overwrote my factory OEM file so that his is now my factory OEM file, which I didnt realize till now might have made things more complicated for me?

    Should I give some of the big tuners a call and see what they can do for me? Brenspeed, VMP, Lund, Palm Beach?
  2. Juice

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    I am replying based on my experience with my coyote swap. You two questions are somewhat related.

    Cruise control: Should be able to get it working, but the transmission individual gear ratios must be entered in the tune. Each gear has a min/max and actual ratio setting, and if its not in that window, the pcm will not let cruise engage. Running the magnum xl with the tune set for an mt82 = no cruise. And I only got cruise in 6th even after fixing the ratios.

    Auto to stick: there are two entries in my tune for "trans type and trans load". I tune with sct, and for stick, these are recommended to be set to 0. It should be that simple, but I have not tuned any 3vs.

    Contact Lito for a tune, Im sure he can tell you if you can run an auto pcm, need to switch to a stick strategy on the pcm, or get a manual pcm.
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  3. TheCrowdPlow

    TheCrowdPlow Member

    OK, thanks for the info, any bit helps. If cruise will only work in top gear thats fine by me, thats the only gear id have cruise set on anyways.
  4. stv_huff

    stv_huff Stock

    If you have HPTuners I would knock out your transmission setup for free. Very simple.
  5. TheCrowdPlow

    TheCrowdPlow Member

    I'll give my local tuner a call and ask what he used. I'm pretty sure it was HPtuners cause I had an additional $150 charge on my bill. I'll take you up on that deal if you're still interested.
  6. TheCrowdPlow

    TheCrowdPlow Member

    Hey, sorry for the late reply, you still have the time to that that for me? I just talked with my tuner and he said even just a stock base tune file for a 2010 GT manual would work and he can just copy everything that isn't related to the engine over to my current tune. Or vice versa, copy over just his engine tune onto the stock 2010 GT manual tune.

    I shouldn't of waited this long to get on this cause spring is right around the corner but it needs to get done.
    It can be an HPtuners file, he will still be able to do it.
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