New wheels, calipers and springs

Discussion in 'Pimpin' It!' started by Tony Conti, Nov 9, 2022.

  1. Tony Conti

    Tony Conti Member

    Couldn't figure out what wheels I wanted to get for a while but finally decided to get some gt500 wheels. I got a set of brand new oem wheels still in the boxes at a ford parts warehouse and they're awesome. Installed a set of steeda lowering springs as well.

    Also got the "reman" gt500 calipers off of rockauto (if you know you know.) Sanded them down, refinished them in tuxedo black by ford and put the brembo stickers on them ;). New oem gt500 dust shields/hardware, new oem boss 302 brake lines front and rear and new pads/rotors.

    And got a set of kooks headers with the green x pipe because I have e-check where I live. That'll be a spring install.

    IMG-3022.jpg IMG-2988.jpg 293391700_374767521411952_6366113315270054681_n.jpg 293072739_374767531411951_5104621892729189066_n.jpg
  2. MADGT

    MADGT forum member

    Calipers turned out good.
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  3. DieHarder

    DieHarder Senior Member

    Nice job. Did the same except for the wheels (found some later OEM that fit the calipers without spacers). And they do make a difference in braking. Saved me from hitting a car during a panic stop a couple of years ago. Old brakes likely wouldn't have made it.
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  4. Tony Conti

    Tony Conti Member

    Yeah these brakes are 100x better than stock and they feel great. I'd probably get legit ones if I was tracking it but I'm not so its fine.
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