oiling system issues

Discussion in '2011+ Mustang GT 5.0L Tech' started by race4food, Sep 23, 2020.

  1. race4food

    race4food forum member

    I have seen lots of broken coyotes for sale all related to oiling issues. What is the root cause of this? Is it a oil pressure issue or a volume issue?
    I know to keep the pump intact use forged gears but that does nothing for the pressure or the volume.
    I'm going to run a gt350 pan as I do a lot of open track so that will reduce the oil starvation issue.
  2. Juice

    Juice forum member

    My understanding is oil pump breakage from revving past 7500. Thats what my buddy tells me, and I have seen one first hand. Another shop promised the guy a power level and it puked its guts on the dyno. Wasn't pretty, front two cylinders let goand windowed both sides of the block. On a brand new at the time 2016.
    This should not be an issue with upgraded oil pump.
    I keep my revs under 7200. ;)
    There are some #8 cylinder failures if the tune is aggressive. Some tuners pull 2* of timing on #8 only even in NA builds.
  3. Flusher

    Flusher Member

    Rod bearing failures? Wrist pins?
  4. Juice

    Juice forum member

    Guessing rod bearing but from oil starvation, pump goes first. I didn't get to see the insides of that one that puked its guts.
  5. Sky Render

    Sky Render Stig's Retarded Cousin S197 Team Member

    Just because you have variable cam timing and can make power all the way up to 9,000 RPM doesn't mean you should.

  6. Juice

    Juice forum member

    But you know you want it to! lol
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  7. jewc75

    jewc75 forum member

    The coyote does not like bad harmonics. I have had my car to 8200 100's of times and im on billet oil pump gears and crank gear. My car shifts at 8200 at wot. When they break its usually when someone misses a shift and bangs the rev limiter. The stock gears are fine for a stock car.
  8. race4food

    race4food forum member

    Sounds like an ATI dampner is in order. I noticed the boss gets a different part number but can not figure out if that is a stock 15+ one. The gen 2 is essentially all boss parts.
  9. race4food

    race4food forum member


    And the oiling solution running a GT350 oil pan with built in windage and pickup. Look at the difference in the size of the pickup vs a stock Coyote pickup. So for those wondering you will need the GT350 pump with this pan. In addition I have a set of billet gears for the pump so oiling system should not be an issue.
    This shows the GT350 pan with built in pickup/windage tray then the size of the pickup.
  10. BottleRocket

    BottleRocket Junior Member

    You can't use that setup on a 3V can you?
  11. Dino Dino Bambino

    Dino Dino Bambino I have a red car

    The 3V/Coyote/GT350 oil pan bolt pattern seems to be the same but I don't know if the GT350 oil pump, pick up tube, and windage tray would work on the 3V. Perhaps someone who has access to those parts could try a mock up.
  12. race4food

    race4food forum member

    hmmmmm.. now that IS an interesting thought. The modular blocks are all the same bolt pattern for most things and I'm 90% sure the oil pumps are the same throughout.
    what is your reason for wanting it? The 3v doesn't spin high enough to warrant it.
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