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    I have the Mach 400 with the corresponding lightened fly wheel. It is a heavy feeling clutch and does engage slightly off the floor. I like the feel of the clutch, 450rwhp with the Paxton setup. RIP...
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    The throwout bearing for our cars is built into the slave. Remember that the 07806 is a 26 spline hub for a TR-6060 or T-56. The 07805 is a 10 spline hub for the TR-3650.

    I get it. Nobody likes taking a hit like that with nothing but misery to show for it.

    The 4th gear buzz. I had forgotten about that. Both the 3650 and 6060 had it with the RST. Right around 1800 rpm. I just made sure I stayed out of that rpm range in 4th. To me it was a small price to pay for all of the benefits of the clutch.
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    What's the reasoning behind not being able to use the stock flywheel? Is it a dimension issue like mentioned above?
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    Huge centerfotce fan here, never had an issue with one. But I dont drag race with the car. The two reasons i like CF clutches are smooth engagement and light pedal pressure.

    So when I put the coyote and xl in my car, I went with the 26 spline DF, ford racing 20lb flywheel, and dorman slave. Left the stock plastic line and stock master cyl. It has been nearly flawless for close to 15000 miles.

    With the clutch, I have two minor annoyances. I get a slight chatter on the lightest take offs. (creeping forward in traffic without throttle). And it doesnt take much to smell some clutch on a moderately aggressive launch. But it feels great otherwise, the engagement point is perfect, and there are no shifting issues.

    I cant comment on blown slave cylinders. @15k everything is still as it was when new. I know a lot of ppl hate CF clutches, why, I have no explanation. I will keep using them till I run into a problem. This is my fourth car I put one in.
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    Delete my post please. Got to reading and forgot this is a 2 year old post..