painting door panels

Discussion in 'Keeping it Clean' started by moooosestang, Mar 17, 2023.

  1. moooosestang

    moooosestang Junior Member

    Does anyone know what paint would match my 06 gt door panels? I glued the inserts back in with 3m spray adhesive and being lazy I didn't remove the overspray right away. I tried removing it with wd40, goo-gone and a green scrub sponge and failed miserably. Now i'd like to cover up my screw up without making it look worse. door1.jpg
  2. TARA-fied1

    TARA-fied1 Member

  3. moooosestang

    moooosestang Junior Member

    looking at the interior options in 06, i believe i have light graphite. I might try that eastwood since they have a ford light graphite.
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  4. Samos3

    Samos3 Junior Member

    Acetone and a soft rag should take off the adhesive and will not hurt the door panel. Just don't get it on the inserts!

    Oh, yeah, nitrile gloves and lots of ventilation.
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