PCM for Gen 1 Coyote swap, "turn key" ready, manual trans only

Discussion in 'Mustang Parts For Sale' started by Juice, Apr 16, 2021.

  1. Juice

    Juice forum member

    $500 shipped to lower 48. dr3z 12a650 ace.

    Flashed with Crate_6 control pack strategy, no PATS to worry about.
    This is a factory OEM part, without any modifications, PATS is intact.
    The control pack strategy does not need a PATS delete to be done.
    The control pack strategy is not EPA certified.

    I can add:
    Any CAI as long as it has a known flow sheet,
    Gear ratios (trans, diff, and tire size) so speedo on 05-09 MYs will be correct.
    Long tube headers, while not a "must tune" mod, there is a small tweak w/good results.
    VIN can be flashed with Forscan if you so desire. I can add your VIN.

    I cannot add for any other mods, Stock Gen 1 coyote ONLY.

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  2. race4food

    race4food forum member

    Thats a good deal!! Someone needs to grab this
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