Possible to have fog lights with high beams?

Discussion in '2005+ Mustang GT 4.6L Tech' started by kstall, Jan 21, 2022.

  1. Juice

    Juice forum member

    The cleanest way this can be done:, but not easy. Those pins on the board are close and kinda small.

    Remove SJB, split open.
    Find pin from foglamp switch.
    Find pin to foglamp relay.
    Scrape off circuit board coating at those pins and solder in a jumper wire. Same guage as most of those wires, (20 ga?)
    Reassemble, you now have fogs all 3 ways: park lamps only, low, high.

    Ps: I had to do something to make the stock foglamps work. Headlamp switch swapped, relay added, all wiring verified, foglamps come on if jumping relay. SJB would not activate fogs. Programming with Forscan, added fogs, but no go.
    Self test SJB, it cycles everything. Fog lamps come on running self test. SJB firmware and/or hardware has fogs hard coded disabled for my base v6 (at the time) I added jumper, problem solved.
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  2. pass1over

    pass1over I like it LOW

    3 weeks ago, I was about 200 yards behind a lady that hit a cow with her mid size suv. It was dark, and the cow was a huge solid black heifer, fresh asphalt was laid down a few months prior. Lady told me she didn't even know the cow was there until she hit it. The speed limit in that area is 60. She could of used a bit more light, lol
  3. FrankieD

    FrankieD Member

    I bought a set of Fog for my wife's Versa and wired the relay to the parking lights, works great
  4. Pentalab

    Pentalab forum member

    Mine are fixed at 12 o'clock, and 6 o'clock.
  5. Pentalab

    Pentalab forum member

    Low beam led WAS superb. High beam ledS is no better than low beam. High beam is totally useless. The tiny fan on pass side crapped out, frying the led driver...after 8 months. 2 months after that, the driver's side packed it in. I have given up on LEDS. Previous to the LEDS, the HID's worked good ( low beam only, hi beam is useless).... for about 14 months. I'm back to oem halogens. At least the high beam portion of the halogens provides for a real hi-beam.

    Between myself and other's on here, we have tried every version of a LED for these mustangs...and none of em work. That's using the oem housing....with just the oem halogen being replaced with a LED.
  6. dark steed

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    I’ve had LED’s in my ‘12 Edge Sport (projector lens) for several years now with no problem. Not a Mustang, I know, so not apples-apples comparison.

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  7. mattjames

    mattjames Member

    I have some amazon 6000K LEDs in my 07 and they work great. two plus years now
  8. Pentalab

    Pentalab forum member

    Do the hi-beams work ? Mine hardly had any effect on hi-beam, even with endless up/down tweaking.
  9. mattjames

    mattjames Member

    Actually my high beam fuse is currently blown and I've neglected to replace it. I can't recall what they were like. If you can, find bulbs that have 360° LED's so to speak to act like regular incandescent bulbs and there won't be issues
  10. Chrischris70

    Chrischris70 Junior Member

    I live way out in the sticks bud. I already have led headlights and fog lights, a light bar will be a very helpful addition for seeing at night and watching for deer and bears.
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  11. Iceman62

    Iceman62 Bullitt 6005

    Your car - do as you wish...Mad Max the hell out of it, if you want. :D
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