Quick Fix for an Old Tan Convertible Top with Small Holes

Discussion in 'DIY Tech Guides' started by Spence340, Mar 16, 2023.

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  1. Spence340

    Spence340 Junior Member

    • Can anyone direct me to a good source for a quick "get me by for now" convertible top fix. My 05 has 124,000 miles on it and the tan top is getting a little ragged but I'm not sure I want to put the money into it for a new top. It's not really leaking but it has a bunch of small rough spots (tears or holes) that could use a filler or something. The guy who I bought it from tried a glue gun and that looked like crap and was too shiny and the color was too light. Luckily it is not holding up either and I can pick it away. There are some products on EBay but I was wondering if anyone has found anything that works pretty good.
  2. Samos3

    Samos3 Junior Member

    There is a product used for patching sailboat sails. I forget the name, but it is a very sticky cloth tape made to flex.
  3. 86GT351

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