Radiator capacity/size for a swapped 2018 Gen3 5.0 into a 2005 V6 base model

Discussion in 'Hardcore Tech=*MOTOR SWAPS*' started by Scott88, Jun 15, 2022.

  1. Scott88

    Scott88 Junior Member

    Hello, I'm putting a fully dressed Gen 3 5.0 into a 2005 V6 Base Model. I'm guessing I need a better radiator, but could probably recycle the fan. Or is the '05 V6 stock radiator enough for daily driving and 3-4 AutoX and TrackDays per year? Can I reused the fan already in the car?

    If not, any suggestions on minimum spec on the factors: coresize/inlet/outlet/core thickness/material/etc.?

    I was thinking either the stock 2014 GT radiator or Mishimoto's high performance Aluminum radiator that boasts 25% cooling capacity.
  2. Midlife Crises

    Midlife Crises Senior Member

    I have a Mishimoto triple row in my 2010 GT. Added a GT 500 fan and shroud. Fit and function is OK but I had a pin hole drip from a weld on the lower tank after about a month of use. I ground a gas bubble out of the weld and rewelded the seam. It has worked fine sense then. :driver:
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  3. Dino Dino Bambino

    Dino Dino Bambino I have a red car

    A stock '11-'14 GT radiator plus your existing stock fan will do fine. If you decide to add forced induction later on, definitely upgrade the radiator to a thicker all-aluminium unit.
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  4. Racer47

    Racer47 Doesn't have much to say S197 Team Member

    I have a like new, less than 10k miles, stock s197 GT 3v radiator and electric fan the would fit right in. I'd sell it cheap. You pay shipping. I upgraded to a bigger aluminum radiator and gt500 fan when I went supercharged.

    The stock 3v GT cooling will be similar to the stock 2014 GT and will be plenty for auto-x and track days on a NA car.
  5. 86GT351

    86GT351 forum member

    That sounds like a fair offer.
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  6. Scott88

    Scott88 Junior Member

    Thanks. Racer 47, I private messaged you.
  7. mattjames

    mattjames Member

    I used a 4 four from www.alloyworksplus.com for my coyote swap. Use MAKEITMODULAR and you can get 5% off.
  8. Juice

    Juice forum member

    I put the Mishimoto alu in.
  9. dark steed

    dark steed Resident noob

    So did I when the crappy plastic drain cock on the OEM unit broke when I tried to drain it!

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  10. Suecra

    Suecra Member

    I use the ford performance upgraded radiator for 05-14 cars, it works great. its extremely thick and you might notice some fitment issues with intake tubing though.
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