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Discussion in 'Carolinas' started by msb7144, Oct 2, 2013.

  1. msb7144

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    I'm trying to get some Saleen owners together for a club. Why, you ask? I live in Charlotte and twice a year they have an Autofair at Charlotte Motor Speedway and to show your car you need to be in a club of some kind.......that's why. I think it would be cool to see a big group of Saleens at the show, this year I saw 2. This is only intended to have a good time, I am not trying to take members from any other clubs/groups, I just want to see Saleens better represented at these shows. If you are interested pm me and I will send you some details.

    Nothing against all Mustangs but they are WELL represented at every show I go to already. Thought this might be fun, who knows.
  2. BruceH

    BruceH BBB Big Bore Boss 322

    You might want to try or
  3. Dread53

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    Head over to Saleen Club of America dot com. I think there are a few of the folks in that area. Plenty of us are planning to be there for the 50th.
  4. msb7144

    msb7144 Junior Member

  5. Saleen S281

    Saleen S281 forum member

    Look for Saleen Speed group on fb, I started it and its a growing group from all over.
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