SCT iTSX vs X4

Discussion in 'Mustang Chit Chat' started by Fosters, Apr 17, 2014.

  1. Fosters

    Fosters forum member

    Need to get a tuner on my car and been reading up on the itsx. Downloaded the app from the google play store, and I gotta say, the gauges are disappointing, but I have Torque if I really need it, so no big loss there. The question is if it's worth getting the itsx over the X4 if the gauges don't really do much and seeing as the x4 has a much nicer screen than the x3/sf3 tuners from yesteryear...

    What are your opinions on either of the 2? Feel free to try and sell me on the livewire too if you think it's worth it... seems like it'd be a pain to mount it (I hate having stuff hanging from the windshield tho)

    Also, back in the day I remember the x3 was the canned tune version and the SF3 was the custom tune opened version - can you have custom tunes put by a local dyno shop or mail order canned ones on the X4? Seeing as they could each store 10 tunes, I'd like to try some of the different options out there...
  2. Franchi

    Franchi Senior JR Member....

    The X4 7015 is the replacement for the outgoing X3/SF3 3000 and 3015. X4 has the three prelaoded tunes on it and can hold ten custom tunes as well whether from a email tuner or local dyno.

    Im running the Livewire TS in my DD F150 and like it a lot, screen is a lil touchy and takes some getting used to but for monitoring all the basic parameters I want to keep on eye on, boost, air/fuel, ect it does it well.

    I would opt X4 over iTSX personally. Cheaper, lot quicker to load a tune.
  3. one eyed willy

    one eyed willy Pizzle fo shizzle

    i bought a iTSX and resold it, i could never datalog the things i wanted to datalog. it was preset to only certain parameters and SCT was useless in figuring out how to add a config file to record the stuff i actually wanted.
  4. Fosters

    Fosters forum member

    Good to know. Bummer about the itsx, it had good potential, sounds like they released it before it was done. Would have been nicer if they worked it so that you could run a usb cable to it from the phone/tablet... bluetooth is just too slow for most things; even torque slows down if you add too many gauges and whatnot.
  5. TRC51

    TRC51 forum member

    Wow... Actually, I think I would like that a lot for my F150. Pretty much what I am looking for. I like the on the fly stuff. Especially when you want to make any tune changes for towing.
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