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    Hello All, thanks in advance for your help. I replaced my stereo in my 2006 GT vert and I am hoping some of you have addressed this issue I bought a Kenwood stereo and remember when I hooked it up there was confusion about hooking up the subwoofers in the doors. How do I wire the in? Are they pre-out or line out? Does Crutchfield have a connector that makes it Easy? I don’t want to blow them out

    If I replace them at the same time? I don’t need top shelf just good bass. Thanks foryourhelpfolks
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    Call Crutchfield and ask. They likely do. They are experts in this area. They've been doing Car Stereo for 40 years or so.
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    You need the Metra 70-5521 wiring harnesses. 2 separate harnesses that connect to the factory wiring. the large one feeds your power, memory (dimmer if applicable) and upper doors speakers along with the rear deck speakers. those are powered from the head unit (radio) internal amp. the smaller harness with the blue/white wires and male L and R RCA plugs are for the premium door sub amps. to use this harness, connect the blue/white wires to the blue/white wires from the larger harness (amp turn on) or if not wired then to the blue/white (may be solid blue) wire from the radio harness. then plug the R (red) and L (white) RCA plugs to the "SUB" or "REAR" output female RCA plugs on the back of the radio. these send the audio signal to the factory amps that power the door subs. if you dont have "SUB" outputs and have to use "REAR", then go into the audio menu on the radio and change to "SUB" yes or on. this is all you need! PERIOD! do not think about upgrading the door subs with aftermarket units. the factory amps cant drive high power subs. good luck
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    Wow thank you so much that helps immensely