Solo Exhaust with LTH? or other catback options?

Discussion in '2011+ Mustang GT 5.0L Tech' started by Snowy5oh, Jan 27, 2023.

  1. Snowy5oh

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    Hey all,

    So I have recently purchased myself a 2012 GT and have been loving every minute of it. Im looking to change up my exhaust next though. Currently it has stock headers and cats to an X-pipe and then just a rear muffler delete. I love the sound but am wanting to go with long tubes.
    My question is im looking at either bbk or stainless power long tubes but I am wanting to connect it to a Solo mach exhaust (with the muffler). Ive ran solo on a couple vehicles now and have loved them. The solo connects to the factory cats just fine but with long tubes and a midpipe it looks like ill need to cut out a bunch of the solo exhaust. This would mean running the high flow catted x pipe (for the headers) and then the x pipe muffler which im sure would be fine. OR do the long tubes (without the midpipe) come to the same overall location as stock headers with cats?
    If that is the case im thinking I can hook the solo exhaust to a pair of long tubes directly without the catted mid pipe. This isnt ideal as id like cats to tone it down but im not opposed to catless as we have no emissions regulations where I am from. I can get it tuned to turn the rear o2 sensors off so that part wouldnt be an issue.
    Or are there any other catbacks that someone would recommend that would fit right up to long tubes and cats? Id like some sort of muffler. Ive looked at getting the stainless works catback as well as some borla options but they are almost double the price of solo and with our exchange with in Canada they will cost a small fortune. I do like how the solo has 4.5 inch tips instead of just 4 like most and the J pipes for drone have always worked well on other vehicles ive had, plus they ship to canada FREE! I dont want flowmasters and not a huge fan of the corsas I have heard.

    Sorry for the long post and I hope my thoughts came across correctly. Im just hoping someone can steer me in some sort of direction!
  2. Cum Grano Salis

    Cum Grano Salis Member

    Just a few areas I’ve noted over decades:
    1) Don’t underestimate the tri-y’s on the 12/13 Coyote motors.
    2) Cats also act as resonators or the old glass packed mufflers. Meaning they’re straight through with the monolith webbing.
    3) And factory resonators, eliminate those? Seem to aid in unwanted frequencies that even reverse sound cancellation mufflers aren’t catching?
    4) I can’t say anything as I have the side pipes wide open on my Boss, reason being those are after Cats but before resonation. Only thing I can think is off-shoots from main tubing where banks equalizer is also?
    5) Of coarse do what you want but sometimes can jump from frying pan into fire. Too, have learned with those transitions many more will say how much better exhaust performs after; most are completely unsat, nothing fits right. The Kooks shorties is prima example, hope that was remediated by now… I would not change these but again that’s just me.
    6) My preference but wished my tailpipe/muffler tips were smaller. To me the 4” pipes is supposed to give impression exhaust is same size tubing completely, I’ll pass there also.
    7) Those tri-y’s are SS also but perhaps 409 vs 304, have to check mine with magnet sometime lol.
    8) Catbacks, these are way costly but way affordable mention to above complete overhaul (muffler photo, my Corsa X-tremes), absolutely drone free and tips actually conform with rear fascia. 2768AF27-D97F-4FAE-967C-D92349E66255.jpeg
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  3. Juice

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    Its looking like I will be removing my LTs as they did not deliver. No change in my lap times.
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  4. jewc75

    jewc75 S197 Junkie S197 Team Member

    Corsa or Borla /thread. This is not tech btw.
  5. crjackson

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