Spydershaft Woes

Discussion in '2005+ Mustang GT 4.6L Tech' started by Narsh, Mar 5, 2009.

  1. Narsh

    Narsh forum member

    I have a sypdershaft 1pc DS on my 2008 GT

    My mods are:

    4.30 Gears
    Steeda Tri-ax
    Corsa Extreme Exhaust
    SLP LongTubes
    SLP Catted X
    Steed U/D Pulleys
    Steeda Charge Motion Plates
    Steeda CAI w/90mm MAF
    NX Plate kit w/ 125 shot
    Spydershaft 1pc Driveshaft
    Steeda Sport Springs
    Steed Adj Upper Control Arm
    Front Tower Strut Bar

    My car vibrates like crazy after 75mph and feels like the car is going to fall apart over 100mph. The noise and ride quality are absolute garbage after 75mph.

    I have tried different pinion angles according to what Steeda suggests as well as Leonard racing suggests to no avail.

    This weekend I am going to try and put the stock DS back in to see if it goes away or if it is related to the gears.

    From what I have read on other forums, an LSD would take care of the problem because apparently Ford's design is the main issue. Yet, others have no issues. The car the DS came off of had no issues with vibrations and had a set of 4.10's on the car.

    Has anyone else experienced anything similar? I'd hate to think I am alone on this one. I would much rather remove the driveshaft and sell it to someone with 3.73's or 4.10's than purchase an LSD for .21 of a second on the 1/4.

  2. 05GT3V

    05GT3V Member

    If the ds turns out to be the problem, I would try taking it to a local ds shop and see if its out of balance. Why go back to the stocker if you can fix the problem for a couple bucks? Of course thats if the ds is the problem.
  3. Narsh

    Narsh forum member

    Yeah of course, if the vibration stops with the stocker, I plan on getting the spydershaft rebalanced for good measure and trying it again.
  4. chad05gt

    chad05gt Senior Member S197 Team Member

    The person you bought it from had no problems... sounds fishey to me...:tdown:

    Make SURE he didnt do some curb hopping or hit it on a speed bump or something... check it real good.

    Ive had ZERO problems with my Spydershaft:thumb:
  5. MexGT

    MexGT forum member

    I had to rebalance my shaft, I had the exact same problems your car has.
  6. Narsh

    Narsh forum member

    The person who sold me the DS is a good friend which I talk to regularly, I trus his word.

    As far as balancing goes, MEXGT - do you have 4.30's in the car as well?
  7. rojizostang

    rojizostang i love my cams S197 Team Member

    i have 4.33's in my car. i have a spydershaft copy, mine does not vibrate....after 3 driveshafts and rebalancing two of them,the last one i installed solved the problem (rebalanced by a shop different from the one that built it). all before adjusting the pinion angle. i'm lowered also, i only adjusted the angle because i got ahold of a used set of adjustable lca's.
  8. SteveP

    SteveP Modular Specialist

    I've had mine in for over a year and no problem. I would check the balance though
  9. Narsh

    Narsh forum member

    Yeah sounds like the balancing is the general concensus... Thanks everyone.
  10. MexGT

    MexGT forum member

  11. DirtyDeedsInc

    DirtyDeedsInc forum member

    I'm having the same problem and I'm hoping I just need to get the shaft balanced. Mine was a new shaft though. Tried contacting LRP and never heard back from my e-mail. I've still got the 3.31 rear and fewer mods, for now.
  12. shawn13

    shawn13 forum member

    Have you tried turning it 180deg? that sometimes fixes the problem.
  13. V8SRGR8

    V8SRGR8 Cunning Linguist

    ^^^^ What he said. ^^^^
  14. btrokc

    btrokc btrokc

    I had the vibrations at 80 and they got worse going from a buzz to a vibration. I have 4.10s with Steeda sport springs. I adjusted the pinon angle, rotated it 180. Nothing helped. I emailed LRP and they exchanged DSs. No problems at all with the second shaft.
  15. rojizostang

    rojizostang i love my cams S197 Team Member

    i think the great majority of the time the vibe after a shaft swap is caused by the new shaft itself, imho.
  16. Vapour Trails

    Vapour Trails The Renaissance Man

    After readind 100 threads like this one, I agree. There are some crappy shafts being sold out there.
  17. shawn13

    shawn13 forum member

    OH no doubt some people sell junk ! If you turn it and the vibe gets better or goes away get the shaft balanced.if its still there and you tried everything get a new shaft.
  18. ren274u

    ren274u forum member

    had to get mine rebalanced to fix all the problems
  19. MikeVistaBlue06

    MikeVistaBlue06 Inventor: Asshole Points S197 Team Member


    Our cars come from the factory with an LSD [limited slip differential aka posi-trac]. Perhaps you meant a "Detroit Locker?"

    I have a slight vibration over 65mph with my Spydershaft. I have thought of yanking it and having it re-balanced and the runout checked/corrected as well.

    No other issues and it beats the living shit out the stock DS.

    Hope this helps.

  20. DirtyDeedsInc

    DirtyDeedsInc forum member

    I need to find a good shop in TX (haven't found one near me in Waco) then get the time to take it in and have it checked. I'm pretty sure now it's just a little out of balance. Was hoping for bad U-joints but they are pretty tight. Thought I found the problem when I found 2 of the tranny flange bolts a little loose but I think they loosened due to the vibration. If they loosen again, I see red locktite in their future.

    I haven't tried turning it 180 but really don't see how that should help.
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