Stock valvle retainers with livernois aftermarket springs?

Discussion in 'Mustang Chit Chat' started by Anti, Jan 1, 2021.

  1. Anti

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    Im over it for today.

    I bought springs to work with my stg 3 livernois cam (127600 in comp cam land). I also bought comp cam steel retainers, but failed to ask livernois if they would work. Surprise, they dont. Like everything else this week.

    So.. the stock retainers fit fine. Livernois is closed, for good reason. Googling, the closest I got is the 4v springs they make for the coyote use all atock hardware. Which brought me to the forum, which additional searching yielded nothing. The description on the website on the springs I bought show "no special hardware needed."

    I feel safe to move forward, but broke springs and dropped valves haunt my future dreams. Anyone here with experience in this exact scenario with livernois springs and hot cams?
  2. msvela448

    msvela448 forum member

    Stock retainers will work absolutely fine. Been running them for a while with this set up:

    - PAC 1233 valve springs,
    - JDM Engineering "Sterling Cams" (similar to Comp 127500),
    - Comp phaser limiters,
    - Stock retainers, and
    - Stock keepers

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  3. Anti

    Anti forum member

    Thankkkkkk youuuuu. :)
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