Stupid 19" tires

Discussion in 'Tires and Wheels' started by mikek2111987, Oct 30, 2019.

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    So I wanted 20s so I could have much more versatile options for tires, but then I got a killer deal on some 19" Forgestars. I believe they are 10 and 11 wide, currently with 255/45 and 305/35. The rears are ok but I would definitely like wider, fronts are way too stretched and I'm thinking 285s would be nice.
    Here's the caveat; I want to stay up towards 28" tall since I have 4.10 gears.
    275/40/19 nitto 555 G2 = 27.68 tall
    305/35/19 nitto 555 G2 = 27.44 tall

    285/35/19 nitto 555 G2 = 26.89 tall
    335/30/19 nitto nt05 = 26.89 tall

    Anyone familiar with a tire that could go wider, but maintain the height?
    As you can see I like Nitto, but I'm not exclusive to them. They just maintain a fantastic quality at a good price. I'm also trying to avoid a full DR in case I get cought in the rain even though that's really my only option I can find 315s or wider. I do not track the car yet.
    Pics to follow...
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    4.10 gears only affect the rear end.

    I'd leave ur 305-35-19 rears as is...on their 19x11 rims.
    Swap the undersized 255 fronts to either the 275-40-19...or the 285-35-19....on ur 19x10 rims.