Syncing/resetting TPMS sensors

Discussion in '2005+ Mustang GT 4.6L Tech' started by Fullboogie, Oct 13, 2021.

  1. Fullboogie

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    Maybe common knowledge, but I'm leaving this here for posterity's sake. You can buy TPMS sensors from a multitude of sources, but I've always bought from

    The factory "reset/learn" remote is part number 8C2Z-1A203-A. Here is the procedure that works for me and others (taken from the AM site, with corrections/additions for the idiots who wrote it):

    To start with you'll need a TPMS activation tool [part number mentioned above]. Once you've installed your sensors, make sure your tires are inflated properly according to the placard on your door jam. Then you can start the re-sync process.

    Steps 1-6 need to be done within a minute.

    1 - Put your key in the ignition, but don't turn the key

    2 - Press and release the brake pedal

    3 - Turn the key from "off" to "on" three times, ending at the "on" position

    4 - Press and hold the brake pedal for two seconds, and then release it

    5 - Turn the ignition to the "off" position, but don't remove the key

    6 - Turn the key from the "off" to the "on" position three times, ending at the "on" position

    If you did everything in under a minute, your horn should sound once, the TPMS light will flash, and the message center will display "train left front tire". If the horn sounds twice, you'll need to try steps 1-6 again. Training the sensors goes clockwise from left front. When you finish training one tire, don't spend more than two minutes moving to the next tire, or you'll have to start over. To train the sensors:

    1 - Hold the activation tool against the tire's sidewall near the valve stem with the arrow on the tool pointing towards the rim

    2 - Press and release the green button and wait for your horn to sound again. The light on the TPMS tool should turn red. If the horn sounds within ten seconds of the light going on, training that tire's sensor worked.

    3 - Repeat for the other three tires. The message center should display "training complete" when done. If the horn sounds twice when you finish the last tire, the reset process didn't work, and you'll have to start over.
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  2. DieHarder

    DieHarder Member

    Any idea what parts are needed to make TPMS work on older vehicles (2005/2006)? I have a newer gauge set with the idiot light but figure there must be a module somewhere for it in newer cars since I couldn't get mine to recognize TPMS sensors. For now I just have a piece of black electrical tape taped over the light so I don't have to stare at it. Yeah, high tech for sure but works.
  3. Juice

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    TPMS is in the SJB, and it sends the signal to the cluster over the CAN bus for display or TPMS light.
    Best case scenario: enable TPMS function in BOTH, the SJB and the cluster and it "may" work.
    Worst case scenario: you need to replace SJB to 07 or later, and same for cluster 07 and later.
    Both methods will require configuration with Forscan, or someone who knows Ford IDS could enable. (most techs won't know how to customize with IDS, only repair)

    Note: there were two approaches to disabling TPMS, one, in the cluster to just turn off the light (hack). Or two in the SJB, actually disabling the system, not just the warning light. (proper approach lol)
    Make sense?
  4. DieHarder

    DieHarder Member

    Yeah, got it. I upgraded the cluster and switches for the "my color" option a few years back. Since TPMS is tied to the SJB not likely that I'll be messing with it. The car runs fine and band aiding over the idiot light w/electrical tape is fine w/me though canceling the fault every time I start the car is somewhat annoying but preferable to the horror stories some folks have changing out the SJB, I'll go with the tape for now...

    Will start looking into Forscan to see what it's about and whether I think I can work with it. Thanks.
  5. golkhl

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    Remove the cluster and pull the bulb for the TPMS light.
  6. DieHarder

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    Thought they were LED's (since it has the my color option). If I'm not mistaken that would also entail removing all of the pointers from the gauges to get the facing off. Sounds like a heck of a lot of work just to remove (likely have to unsolder) an LED.
  7. Juice

    Juice forum member

    But you can sneak some duct tape over the led without removing the pointers. Or reconfigure the cluster with Forscan.
    Dont ask me how, I dont know which bit to toggle.
  8. Iceman62

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    Haven't had a need to synch the Mustang's TPMS yet, but holy hell...what a process. My Colorado truck you pretty much turn on ignition, go to pressure screen, hold tool/push button & beep (all four)...done. No need to do the hoky-poky :D
  9. Juice

    Juice forum member

    What hoky-poky dance? Turned that shit off. Anyone with a half a clue can feel a low tire. lmao
  10. GriffX

    GriffX Member

    Found the bit change for the cluster somewhere ic-belegung_461.png
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  11. 13v6

    13v6 Member

    What years is this for? '05-'09 or all S197's?
  12. Juice

    Juice forum member

    No TPMS on 05-06 cars. Tpms appeared in 07.
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