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Discussion in 'MDS' started by Razorbed, Oct 5, 2013.

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    After I had my car tuned by a reputable german specialist back in April, the car ran fine with a 3.6 Pulley. Torque was below what I expected, hp was nice.
    On my way home I realised that the tach was off, the cruise control was acting strange. No big deal, I adjusted the tach myself. This tuner was so hard to get in contact, sometimes at least his girlfriend used to answer after half a week. I paid his shop over 1000€ including a BAP with install.

    After a few month, I had a check engine light for bank1 beeing to rich.
    I was datalogging with a friend and found out that the timing is pretty fixed around 17/18 degrees and with the help of a wideband, I saw AFRs or as low as 10.4 above 5500rpm. I was done with this guy, even when I talked to him on the phone, it resulted in no email answers or help.

    I got in touch with Lito. He recommended that wideband, hell, he even helped me finding the right wiring and formula for analog outputs. To this point, he was not even seeing money from me and was so helpful.

    His answers were so quickly, I got them to unholy hours. Communication was so great, I was worrying if this man has a life besides the fabulous work he does.

    He got the idle right by the second tune, despite the fact that he never tuned a SCT BAF5000 in the stock MAF housing. Driveability was like stock with this second tune, tacho and cruise control included. After the third tune, there were only minor adjustments needed in AFR and timing.
    At this point, I upgraded to the 3.4 Pulley and cranked the BAP up - The car is a monster now. I don`t have a clue how he does it, but the highway fuel mileage is better than stock now.

    Yesterday I went to my dyno guy. My baby pushes now 425hp and 425ft-lbs to the rear wheels on a dynojet at a pretty constant 20 degrees of timing.

    I can`t imagine having a better guy to do remote tuning with and I will work with Lito again any time. :thumb:
  2. Dubstep Shep

    Dubstep Shep WUB WUB VROOM VROOM

    Lito is the man with tuning! Supposedly he's coming to Dallas, Texas later on in October to do dyno tuning, but you'll have to double check with CrownAviation on that.
  3. marcspaz

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    You know, Lito and I have had a few heated debates in the past... so this may surprise him, but....

    ...regardless of our disagreements, I have to admit, over the years he has proven to be a stand-up guy who really knows his stuff. I'm glad he was able to help you. Hat tip to Lito for the great service.
  4. There are many people on this forum that have had there cars tuned by him. He does a great job and is awesome to work with.
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